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HELP! Food recipes needed!!!

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I need help, my darling Pooka has terrible teeth....but my vet doesnt have an appointment for her to get her teeth done for 2 weeks. She isnt eating alot and has diarrhea pretty bad. She is about 2 pounds under weight and usually dehydrated. I need to get Pedilyte into her, and I put it in the water but I have NEVER seen Pooka drink water. I think she gets all her hydration from the wet food we feed her. She wont eat dry food cause of her teeth, and the regualar Friskies(only brand she will touch)wet food is not fatty enough to pack on the pounds...and she is starting to stop eating that. She wont touch kitten food either.

So I need a recipe I can make at home for an irresistable soupy dish that will make her eat! I have tried Cooked Chicken breast with boiled chicken livers pureed in the blender with the water I boiled the livers in plus pedialyte. She stuck her nose up at it and walked away. The kittens however LOVED it...LOL. I am now cooking just plain chicken breast and I am gonna puree that with water and see if she will eat that. Any other ideas?????
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Stage 2 baby food, no onions, w/ a little bit of chicken broth (low salt kind) mixed in.

If you search the site for pedialyte, you'll find the recipe.

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Oh gosh, I was in your position long ago! My Twitch has no teeth & was doing basically the same thing.

Puree up some Meow Mix(wet-pouches/cans) with water
Add tuna juices to something pureed to entice her
The baby meat suggested works well....add some "nutri-cal" or another calorie supplement to her puree(I got it from the vet, you might find it in a pet store)...if she won't eat, you are going to have to force feed her & that's not pretty cuz you will bump her teeth & it will hurt.

Have you tried Fancy Feast's new "medleys"?

You need to talk to your vet about getting an appetite stimulant or else get her in to get her teeth done sooner. IMO, when a kitty isn't eating, every day is precious time wasted.
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