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Coco gets spayed on Friday

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Well, the time has come for little Coco to be spayed but there might be a small hitch. Coco seems to be 'a little' on heat. If she is, the vet will bring on her ovulation on Friday and do the spay early next week. I kind-of know what is involved in bringing on Coco's ovulation but not really. Can anyone explain how it's done or point me in the right direction? The other question is, why is it not good/dangerous to spay a cat if she's in heat? Forgive my ignorance, I've tried to find out by doing searches on the net but I can only find stuff about why it's good to spay/neuter your cat and why it's better to do it before the first heat. Coco is doing very well, giving us big smooches and getting a little better every day with Milo and Popcorn.
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I don't have any answers for you on that, because I really don't know...but I just wanted to say I hope it all goes well for her, I'm sure it will. Let us know how she does!
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I'm moving your thread to Health and Nutrition. I think you'll get the answers you need there from our resident experts!!
Good luck w/ the surgery!
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I've been looking around still and found this that gives a little information...

What if she is in heat at the time of spay?
Some female cats are disruptively annoying when they are in heat, yowling and carrying on and they are spayed to end the heat quickly. Other cats are spayed in heat randomly when the owner does not realize that the cat is in heat. Either way the spay is slightly more difficult due to the engorgement of the tissues and larger blood vessels. Spaying in heat does not carry a significant risk to the cat but, since extra surgery time is frequently required, an extra charge may be incurred.

From http://www.marvistavet.com/index.html

Does that sound about right?
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When we adopted our dog from the Humane Society she had just come into her first heat. The vet agreed to spay her in heat providing we knew for sure she wasn't pregnant - that seems to be the key - they don't want to spay an animal that has possibly fertilized eggs - an animal abortion. They do charge more as well - $15 more here in Vermont.

Other than that, our dog was fine, she came through it just as easily as any other of our animals.

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The reason for charging more, or waiting until they are out of heat is exactly what you found. Everything is engorged with blood and it's a very difficult surgery. The risk for the patient is greater. When he said he was going to stimulate ovulation, he meant that he would simulate intercourse and the egg will be released and she will go out of heat very quickly.
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Thankyou for your replies. Click here to see how it all went!
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