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How has the weather changed where you live?

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I'm curious, with climate change being so much in the zeitgeist these days (as it should be) if you have had significant changes where you live?

There certainly have been in Australia. We are suffering our worst drought in many, many years. Farmers are really struggling, and are being helped out by the government now to a huge degree - their crops are suffering, their livestock are dying. There is just NO rain. Summers are getting hotter and much more humid, and winters drier and warmer during the day, and freezing cold at night.

We have water restrictions now, that are so extreme in some parts of Australia that you are now not allowed to water your lawn AT ALL - unless it is with a bucket. There are sprinkler restrictions in Perth, where I live, and websites, advertising and public education on how to save water. We time our showers, don't flush the toilet for number ones and are starting to take out lawn and put in native plants that require less watering. The Water Authority in Perth is spending billions on desalination plants and new processes to manufacture more water, and it's not enough.

Our dam capacities are at less than 30 percent after winter! Very scary - and Perth has had 0.6mm of rain so far this summer, compared to the summer rainfall average of 34mm. It's even worse in Melbourne and in Queensland. We are a desert climate in Perth so we're used to a little less rain, but it's just extreme at the moment.

The water situation here is dire, but also our seasons are changing, too. It's the middle of summer today and it's raining. Trust me - no one's complaining about that! We need it so desperately, but it's just strange. And two days ago it was 34 degrees (94F).

It's weird and scary. What's happening where you are?
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We've been in a drought cycle for the past few years as well in Colorado, but not anywhere near as extreme as you, Sarah. We're also on the way out - we got the "normal" snowpack last year that helped to bring the reservoirs up to a reasonable level again. Some places still had water restrictions, though, depending on where their water comes from (which reservoir). By all indications, it looks like we could be in for a wet winter this year, which would be great all around.

But this type of thing does come in cycles in this region. While it was unusual for most of us living here, it isn't unusual in the grand scheme of things. A drought happens every couple decades or so. And there are a heck of a lot more people in the urban areas now, and everyone uses water from the reserviors (as opposed to well water), so it was "felt" more accutely this time around.
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It is reasonably cyclical here, too. Droughts do come and go in a country the size of ours, of which the majority of the land is desert! But it's more than that - everything is changing, the weather, the seasons, the rainfall. It's pretty scary.
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Believe it or not North London was hit by a tornado today and six people were injured whilst several houses almost destroyed

Check BBC News website if you don't believe me
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Wow I just went and had a look! How awful.
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Here its been alot warmer then whe I was a kid. Also weve had alot of droughts.
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