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Thumper your hogging the space...

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Hi All, This just started today and I was beside myself. They hang around alot but when they are sleeping its usually in 2 seperate places. Once was this morning and the other from late afternoon.

Looking outside

A Couple of sleepy kittahs

I was fixing them dinner so they both got up

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awe they are sooo cute
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Very pretty cats. I think they like to sleep together when the weather starts getting colder.Mine sure do when the weather has turned colder. They steal each others body heat and it keeps them warm.
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Awww!! I can just imagine how happy you were to see them laying together like that!
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I was soooo happy to see this. Thumper has been so patient with him. She gets the good kitty award

Im still beside myself how fun these 2 have been. Since its my first move from dogs to cats I didnt really know what to expect. I still crack up cause cosmo is more like a puppy then a kitten and sometime thumper just looks at him with this look on her face.
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Its good to see they have accepted each other so well. They both are just adorable!
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They are both gorgeous kitties
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Ok Keith, I'm sorry, but Thumper looks like she has "monster mitts" on! It looks like after that last stripe on her paw, she has mitts on for a cat 3 times her size! Her paws are GIANT! but she's such a pretty girl.....
and Cosmo..... he's so stinkin' cute I can't take it!
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aww.............your babies are just so peachy
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They are sooooooo cute! I can't stand it!
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My what large paws thumper has!
they are both adorable kitties!
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Awww! It's so nice that they've become friends!
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They look so sweet snuggled together!
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That's some fine, high quality cuteness you've got going on there.
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Awww they are so sweet together but where was our cuteness warning. Please do not forget our cuteness warning again.
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awww!! too cute!!
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Thanks all.... cant ya tell im eating this all up

They one up each other in cuteness everyday and seem to become friends more and more. Cosmo is now walking up to thumper and sitting in front of her then she give him a few licks on the head then he goes on his way.

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