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I Saw Max!!!!!!!!!

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Night before last, I saw him while I was sleeping. He was running around playing on the other end of our pond. This is very close to where he is buried. Anyway, he was so happy and frisky and he was just running, playing and having a good time. It was so real, I couldn't believe when I woke up and he was gone. I think it is an amazing thing that the God who created us made us in such a way that the love we know in our hearts and lives has no boundaries, not even death. So to those of you who are suffering with a recent loss of your precious cat, take heart. You will see them again. I had seen Max one other time. He was lying in my lap and I was just loving him. I know there will be other times and I look forward to them.
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Awwwww that must have given you so much comfort

A similar thing happend to a friend of mine who lost her cat, only she felt the weight of him on her legs in bed one night, and that's where he used to sleep
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How wonderful I dream of my Simon every once in awhile too, makes me feel like he is checking up on me
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How very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
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i dont doubt that you saw him. Other have seen or thought they have seen a black cat in my fathers house where there has been no cat there in years. Only kitty that was ever in that house was Morgan le Fay. I think we will see them again, in dreams or after
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How wonderful, and thank you for sharing. It really is a comfort.
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How wonderful for you. My own sweet baby will be gone soon and I only hope I can see her again someday.
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what a wonderful vision for max to visit you that way.
Thank you for sharing.
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That is a beautiful story. Thank you.
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How wonderful to see your baby again. I swear since that my boy Sebastian has been gone, he has been making his presence known in my house. The night after we put him to put him to rest, I heard him in the kitchen. And, I feel him watching me. My husband thinks that I have lost my mind, but I SWEAR Sebastian is here.
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How wonderful that he is having such a happy time, and that your visions of him make you smile again.......... he will see you smile and your love will make him purr...........
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The night after my dog was put to sleep in 1982, she came to see me.

I haven't seen her since but there is a simple explanation--she stays with my parents. I saw her in my apartment in New York that night but she stays in New Jersey after that. My father mentioned hearing her claws click on the wooden floors. I don't know if he ever saw her.

Some people see them, some don't. I do not believe that my mother is a 'sensitive' but my father is.

I believe that if you spend time loving animals or people, you may have communication with them after they have passed. It's not guaranteed, but it is a comfort when it comes.
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Wow thats amazing..thank goodness for dreams
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How comforting that must have been.
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