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Please Pray For Max!!!!!!!

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Max is my brother's girlfriend's 4 month old kitten. He suddenly started having breathing problems out of nowhere. They think that he might have injested tylenol somehow. He just got a shot of Dex as they call it 2 days ago for a sprained ankle. It is a Cortisteroid anti-inflammaory. I think that this may have something to do with it. When they went to the vet they said to put him down but I told them not to. We have been to 3 different vets today with all different opinions of what should be done. One said to put him down, another gave him antibiotics and fluid and said to take him home and bring back for fluids tomorrow and the other one said that he should be hospitalized overnight. His Red Blood Cell count is very low 11 and it should be about 30 and his White Blood Cell count is very high, which would indicate an infection of some sort but nobody knows for sure. He is showing symptoms of tylenol toxicity from what I have read on the net but they don't know for sure if that's it. The only reason they were thinking this is because someone had spilled a bottle of it the other day in the bathroom and they found pills on the floor that they had not seen when they cleaned it up so they think maybe he had eaten one which is highly toxic to cats. Right now we are just keeping him warm because his body temperature is really low also. He seems to look a little better with the heat on him but still not good. They are really thinking about putting him down if he gets a little worse cause they don't want him to suffer but there's still that hope that he might pull through and be alright. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know otherwise if you have a spare minute in your day please keep him in your prayers!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!!!!!
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Tons of prayers and vibes to Max. Get well soon little one.
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I'll definitely keep little Max in my thoughts - please keep us posted!
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Oh little Max, very sorry headbuts and soooothing, calming, healing licks from KittenKiya's Clan.

Get better real quick little one.
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I don't know a whole lot about this, but I applaud you for spending the time and money to get multiple opinions. I know what it's like to lose a cat far too soon, so Max is in my thoughts.

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Lots of vibes and prayers for Max! Get well soon little sweetie!
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Prayers & for Max.
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Thanks everyone so much for all the prays and vibes!!! Despite everything we did somehow little Max just couldn't pull through. We all kept hoping and praying and I really thought that he might make it cause he kept getting little bursts of energy here and there and kept trying to walk around. But a little later on in the evening he just layed down and he's breathing got really bad and he eventually passed. These last few days have been very sad and depressing. I again thank everyone for their support!!!
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I am so sorry!

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That is so sad - I am sorry he didn't recover. I lost my Napoleon to poison in October so I know how you feel. I kow you did everything you could for Max but it was not to be.
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I am so sorry to hear this, RIP little one.
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((((Sunny's Daddy))))

I am so so sorry! This is so sad--and right before Christmas too! But you know that you and your family did everything possible for this little kitty--his life was way too short but at least it was happy and he knew he was loved--that is so very important!!!

Rest in peace, little Max. You are over the Rainbow Bridge now where you will never know pain or suffering ever again--play joyfully with all your new friends and know that some happy day you will be forever reunited with the family who loved you.
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We will definitely pray for Max with you. We're going to ask the intercession of St. Martin de Porres. St. Martin began the first hostel for stray dogs and cats in Lima, Peru in the 1600's...and was even known to feed the rats and mice...saying, "Poor little things have no food...we have to do something for them." So we alway ask him (St. Martin de Porres) to join us in pray to the Lord for our Dulcinea...and she's come thru come pretty serious problems with flying colors. Be assured again of our concern and company as you worry and pray for your beloved Max.

fr. gregg
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I'm sooooo very sorry to hear of Max's passing! It reminds me of a phone call that I received when in seminary from my dad...telling me that Lady, our family dag had finially died after 21 years of wonderful happy living. It's the first time I ever heard my dad cry. Even now...some 30 years later, it still moves me. We will pray now for YOU...that the Lord console you with the knowledge and hope that you will see your beloved Max again in the joy of Eternity one day...when there will be no more tears and no more sickness and suffering for any of us!

fr. gregg
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Thanks everyone so much for all the love and prayers it really means a lot!!!
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