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Cat crys at night

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My cat Wylie who is about 8 months old loves to talk, but recently he has taken to doing this at night. He is quit loud and goes on and on. I missed a day of work last week because he carried on so much during the night. I got up a few times with him and he would quite down but when I went back to bed he started again. My husband says I have him spoiled and he just wants me to get up and hold him but I'm wondering if perhaps it's something else. Wylie has not been neutered yet, lives inside only with 2 spayed females. He has never sprayed furniture or anything.While I have had cats around all my life, he is the first male I've owned that is inside only. What I'm wondering is if perhaps he is wanting a mate or something to that nature and that is the cause of this behavior. I hate to disapoint Wylie but he will not be getting that kind of female companionship. I'm just searching for ideas about his behavior.
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Why isn't he neutered?
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He is starting to act like a Tom Cat. He needs to be neutered or he will carry on like this forever. It is natural for them to howl for their females. They will also try to sneak out, push screens out to get out to a female. If he does get out, look out. Tom Cats will fight other cats to the death for a female. They have a much higher risk of contracting FIV,FELV and FIP from this behavior.
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I just haven't gotten around to getting him neutered yet, but he will be ASAP. We had planned on getting it done last month but we owe taxes and it has put us a bit behind on everything.
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That is good to hear. Both of you will be happier when the surgery is done!
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My Casey is a girl and keeps us up at night as well.
We thought once we got her spayed she would stop
because in heat female cats also cries. Casey will come into
our room and hollar until I tell her to come and lie
beside me! I actually called the vet and asked her for
advice and she told me not to let her sleep from the
time we get home from work until bedtime. Obviously we
can't always do this but when we do it works. Casey does
sleep with us and if we close the door to our room
she make more noise by trying to scratch the door down.
Maybe you if you don't let him sleep from 4 - 10 you might
get some more sleep.

Cat's do rule the world!!
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