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Work Rant

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So I just had a mini IT crisis here with the email system. That's not the bad part (since it is my job to respond to this stuff).

I just can't stand the way our phone system is set up!!!!!!

I had one person in my office describing his issues, and then someone buzzed me. Although the way our phone system is, you just dial the extension and start talking.

You don't hear it ring, beep, buzz or wait for the person to pick up (or have the option to pick up or deny). They just start talking.

So I'm in the office, doing the problem/resolution thing, listening to one of my co-workers talk to me about his probs that deal with the same probs I'm working on and then my phone chimes up.

"So what's up with the email system?"

No "Hi are you there?"...just expects an answer ASAP. So I respond, "I'm taking care of it now". That should do it right? Q/A.

Nope this is the type of guy that keeps talking...and the other guy in my office starts up so I have 2 people talking to me. I respond to the guy in my office and then I hear the phone slam down.

I hope we get a new phone system soon...I'm working on plans for one in first quarter of next year and the options I'm looking at will all me to change that "talk right away" feature.

Ahh...thanks for the vent I feel much better!!!

(PS never work anyplace that includes a paging system. You are never able to concentrate at work again.)
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I could see how that would be a pain in the butt. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.
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Well, youd think they could come up with a better system than that!
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I hear you...one of the owners sons use to work in a car lot...apparently he won't let go of the idea as we have a paging system for the entire building.

Not at your desk? No problem, I'll just let the WHOLE OFFICE know I"m looking for you.

I do miss ringing phones because of this.

Well the guy from yesterday never called again and he's out today.
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I think we all have work rants!! I don't blame you one bit
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