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Please Read & Support Our Petition

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For those of you who may not be aware of the situation that has been occuring in Antioch, CA, I will briefly explain the details. Over the course of the last 18 months nearly 1000 cats have been officially reported missing. lost, or as we now believe, stolen.

We have been investigating these disappearances and always seemed to be drawn back to the same suspects. The case broke wide open this past May, when the Antioch City Clerk, who reported that one of her cats disappeared in January of this year, decided to do a little shopping at a local PETsMART.

The primary suspects in this case, unfortunately are members of a local cat rescue group and they were, as usual, conducting their weekend cat adoptions the same day that the Antioch City Clerk visited the PETsMART store. The City Clerk, on a whim, decided to take a stroll over to the adoption area and look at the cats that this rescue group had up for adoption that day. As she strolled down through the cages, suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Right there, sitting in one of the adoption cages, was her missing (stolen) cat.

To make a long story short, she went through hell to get this rescue group to release her cat to her, but finally she succeeded and the next day she filed a police complaint against this rescue group.

This was all our Aninmal Service Dept. needed to finally have just cause to enter the home of one of the more prominant members of this rescue group. For many years, she has been known for her militant attitudes about proper cat care and that she has kept an untold number of cats in her home, all in the name of rescue. This woman has been vocal for years about the fact that she does not believe that cats should be allowed outside. She insists that any cats that are allowed outside must have terrible owners and she will take (rescue) any cat that she sees outside no matter if the cat has an owner or not. Her belief is that the owner doesn't deserve to have the cat because the owner let the cat spend time outdoors.

When Animal Services entered this home on July 19th, they found a terribly disturbing and shocking scene. Animal Services discovered nearly 150 cats caged inside this woman's garage. Most were sick with URI, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, overweight (lack of exercise as the cats were never let out of their cages), worms, and fleas. Three were immediately euthanized due to poor health, one of these three was diagnosed with Feline AIDS. The worst thing of all was that all of their spirits had been broken. You could see it in their eyes.

Throughout the following weeks, 5 people have been reunited with their missing cats. Their cats were found among 150 cats caged inside this womans garage.

However, this case gets more bizzarre, as the attitudes being displayed by our Animal Services Dept. are extremely suspicious. They seem to be supporting the criminals in this case and have shown utter disrespect and contempt for the hundreds of victims of this warped rescue philosophy, the hundreds of people whose cats have mysteriously disappeared.

Please click on the following link, http://www.petitiononline.com/CAPTURE/petition.html, and you will be taken to the on line petition where you can show your support for the residents of Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano Counties who are asking for a full investigation into the activities of this rescue group, called CC4C or Community concern for Cats.

Law enforcement officials have received testimony from several citizens who have stepped forward to provide eyewitness testimony giving the police hard evidence that members of the CC4C organization have been purposely taking owned cats. Witnesses have stated that the members of CC4C were told that the cats had owners and were not in need of rescuing. This, however, did not stop CC4C members, and they repeatedly attempted to takes these cats. Finally, one eyewitness, caught them red handed, shoving the cat into the backseat of their car.

The members of CC4C conduct their activity at all times of the day. Just a few days ago, another cat disappeared from the exact same location where the attempted theft incident described above took place. We must stop these people from taking our beloved pets. Please bear in mind, that just because there were only 5 reunions that occured in relation to the 150 cats pulled from the garage on Bellflower Dr. in Antioch, everyone must remember that this organization has 50+ foster homes. One home in Walnut Creek has over 200 cats, another home in Concord has 50-100 cats, two more homes in Antioch have 35+ adult cats, and the list goes on and on.

They often times will transfer cats they have captured to foster homes located in other cities. This is evident by the micro chipped cat that was found among the 150 cats taken from the Mouer resident and the owner of this cat resided in Vallejo. Fortunately, because of the microchip, the cat was finally reunited with its original owner.

All of these things should say to everyone that this rescue group must be stopped and stopped now before any more people lose their cats.

Also, please view some of photos that were taken by Antioch Animal Control when they entered the garage like prison where this rescue group held captive these innocent beloved family pets for who knows how long, months, maybe even years. This president of this cat rescue organization claims that they only rescue feral cats, yet we all know that the majority of adult feral cats are not generally considered suitable adoption candidates. So where did this rescue group get the 10,000 cats they claim to have adopted over the past ten years?

Please visit the web site below and read the petition that will be sent to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s office on Sept. 9th, 2002. If you agree with the petition then please follow the instructions to add your signature. Please forward this email to anyone you feel will be in support of our efforts to recover as many missing cats as possible. This may be our only option to find our missing cats.


Thank you.
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What kind of misguided sop would do something like this to these poor animals? I am glad you finally solved the mystery. It looks to me like only the members of your local community are eligible to sign the petition. If you send me an physical address where I can sit down and write a letter of outrage, I will do that for you. I found out long ago and handwritten letters have more clout than email does.

Good luck with this nightmare!
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I signed the petition anyway. There are only 101 signatures, including mine. This is a total disgrace! This is what happens when one person thinks her opinion is infallible. Hundreds of good pet owners have lost beloved members of their families. This is horrible. Even if a person keeps her cats inside, cats have been known to bolt unexpectedly. I have a few choice words for the woman behind this theft, but I will have to keep them to myself. They're not acceptable--not even to me.
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Actually, we have over 300 signatures, it is just that the "on Line" petition only has 104 signatures. We have also been taking hard copy petitions to the streets of Antioch for signatures and we have well over 200 signatures on the hard copy version. We have only been collecting signatures for about two weeks and there are only four of us that are collecting signatures.

For those who wish to write letters, we ask that you address them to the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office, Gary T. Yancey
P.O. Box 670, Martinez, CA, 94553.

Phone: (925)646-4500 FAX: (925)646-2116

The Office of DA is up for election in November and Yancy is not running for re-election, thank God! So, I am not sure the best way to handle this. If you want to address your letter to The Future Elected DA for Contra Costa County, which will be either Bob Kochley or Mike Menesini, I guess that would okay.
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I cannot begin to express the anger that I have inside me after reading this and the pity for all these poor animals that have been so called 'rescued'.
I am going to sign the petition RIGHT away!
I am so very sorry..........
God bless all those lost to this
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Signed hubby up too!
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Jewelcat, Please know that I was not making light of your excellent work in trying to correct a terrible situation. What I was trying to do was let other people know how very much you need signatures. If anyone, regardless of residence, can sign this petition, we should get as many members as possible to sign, and also e-mail this page to our friends all over the U.S. Sometimes we get petitions with thousands of signatures, but that is when anyone can sign. Please let us know who is eligible to sign. Thank you, and bless you for your good heart.
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The fact that our own local newspapers have basically refused to do a short write up about the petition and they seem not to want to print our Letters to the Editor, where we have invited members of SF Bay Area to visit our petition web site, which resulted in very few Bay Area communities and citizens having any knowledge about the exisitence of our petition.

We feel that the November election may play a major part in whether or not the DA will press charges.

Being as candidates for office will often receive pressure from many different groups and the members of these groups are not always geographically tied to the area in which the candidate will serve his term, we thought that the candidates for the office of District Attorney will take notice of our demands not based on who signs the petition, but based on how many signatures are on the petition.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is, "Yes, we think it is time to pull out all of our guns." If we can get support and signatures nationwide, it will only serve to help our efforts, not hurt them. So, by all means, this is why I came here to my favorite group of supporters. Everyone here has been so terrific throughout these past 18 months. I couldn't have kept going without all of you cheering me on and giving me the emotional support I needed to continue my investigation into the hundreds of disappearances.

I say, "Let us not just win the battle. Let us combine our efforts and we can and will become stronger than ever before. Then we can stand proud and say that we didn't just win the battle, but we won the whole dad blame war."

Any support you are willing to give is welcomed by all of us whose cats have been stolen. We pray that with our efforts we may have the opportunity find and ultimately reunite with our beloved cats.

Thanks to all!
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I have just sent this petition to my friends and relatives all over the United States and Great Britain. Go for it!!
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I am so horrified by this situation and especially by the fact that this woman treated the cats in such an inhumane manner in the name of rescuing them.
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Yes, it is sick isn't it. And to think that this entire rescue group condoned her actions, bringing her more and more cats.

There is another member of this rescue group that has over 200 cats in her home. We are all very anxious to see these cats.

The more time that goes by though, the more chances that members of this group will try to adopt out cats that were stolen. We just don't have anyway of stopping them. Pet Food Express has been given all of the information about the illegal activity of this rescue group, yet they refuse to temporarily suspend the group's adoption privileges, even though we have asked over and over again if they understand what is taking place, that members of this group are stealing pets. Pet Food Express will not budge.

We are thinking of boycotting Pet Food Express, Petco, and PETsMART, or at least picketting in front of their stores.
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Thank God that they weren't killed! What an obsurd thing to do! What is it gaining for the capturers? Does it mean that if they capture more cats, they'll get paid more? I personally think that that woman wasn't all there upstairs. What kind of thing is that? Maybe it's a conspiracy. Here's my theory:

That woman was working for the "rescue" group. She captured her own cat and sent it to PETsMART. Then, she went and complained and got it back to make it look like she wasn't involved. What kind of psychic person would just happen to be walking in the very PETsMART (when her pet was gone, why would she need to anyway?) that her cat was in? I don't think that was a coincidence.

Similar things are happening in Akron - except it's a law. Cats in Akron who run freely will get picked up by an animal "shelter" and then murdered. See the topic Chaos in Akron, if you haven't already.

It seems like the people who are supposed to be helping animals have seriously gone bad.
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Forunately, your theory is incorrect as I know the woman who found her cat that was being adopted out by this rescue group at the local PETsMART. She went there to pick up supplies as she always shops at PETsMART with her daughter on the first weekend of every month. Plus the fact that her cat went missing in January and she found her cat the first week of May.

As I stated in some of my earlier posts, this recue group is made up of a variety people that have definite psychological problems. Several of them are flat out animal hoarders, it is as simple as that. They collect cats, large numbers of them, and then do not make any attempts to adopt the cats.

Other members of this group are simply misguided and literally brainwashed into thinking that nobody should allow their cat outdoors. However, there is no such law anywhere, that mandates that cat are forbidden from having access to the outdoors. So, these members have simply decided to make up their own rules and they actually feel that they have the right to pick up cats off the street, even if the cats belong to someone. It just doesn't matter to them one way or another, if they see a cat outside, they consider it "fair game".
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