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They're inspecting my apartment again

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I got another message from the building management - they want to inspect the apartments again. They gave us a two day notice this time and a reason (the pest control people will be with them). I really don't care if they see the cat stuff since I gave notice that I'm moving out at the end of my lease, but I'm afraid of the cats getting loose. (Bickford isn't chipped yet and doesn't have a collar.) My parents told me I could bring them over to their house again and put them in the basement bedroom. I have never had to personally put Bickford in a carrier and his former owner has had to sedate him in the past to get him to the vet. He was sedated when I picked him up on Saturday. She did give me some of his medicine but I'm hesitant to medicate him. Should I just put the cats in the bedroom and take my chances as I think they're more interested in the kitchen and balcony or should I just take them out to a place where I know they'll be safe?
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I think I would ask them not to open the bedroom door in advance and then if they insist I'd probably take them somewhere else, I am glad I don't have to do that though, I can't imagne moving 8 because of something like that.
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Well for me, I would either take the day off work so my I know my babies are safe, or I would take them somewhere way in heck I'd let anyone in my home where my babies are that I don't know without my being there, but you gotta understand, I'm a paranoid meowmy!
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Why are the pest control people coming....are they going to be spraying for bugs or anything like that? I would take them to your parents house just to be safe. Never know what they will try to do and dont want sick kitties. Plus I am paranoid about leaving my cats around anyone I don't trust.
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I don't think they're spraying but you never know. The notice just said it's an "annual inspection" but this is the 1st time in almost 4 years they have ever sent out such a note. I'm very uncomfortable with people coming in and out. Despite the struggle I would rather have them somewhere where I know they're safe.
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I'd personally take the cats out of there. I'm to nervous to have someone come in my house if I'm not there and I'd be worrying that my cats would be let out of get sick from poisons.
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If you can not take the cats out of there, put them in the bedroom, close the door and tape up a sign that asks them to keep out.

When I lived in an apartment, that what we did when they came in, I could not trust them to watch out for the cats.
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I'd take the cats to your parents. The fact they have "pest control" coming with them means they may just do more than inspect. They may fumigate or something. You don't want your babies to be inside when that happens.
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I'd DEFINITELY take the cats to your parents'. If you can afford it, spray some Feliway in the carrier - there's a good chance that will help to calm the cats down. Even if they protest, it is for their own good (sorta like taking a child to the dentist)
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Take the cats to your parents- your parents have already kindly offered, and the kitties will be safer there during the inspection
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I agree take the kitties to your parents.
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I took them over this morning. To my absolute shock Bickford scooted right into his carrier without being tranquilized. Bob fought me until I barricaded him in the bathroom, and then he surrendered and let me put him in after taking the top off the carrier. The fact that they didn't say if they would spray scares me. A co-worker of mine used to live in the same complex and she moved because she has chemical senstivities and management would never tell her when they would be spraying or painting in or near her apartment.
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Are you sure it is pest control and not pets control? I got thrown our of an apartment one time because of my cat. I thought the notice they left on the door said pest control, but on closer inspection it said pets.
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It's pest control, and I'm leaving when my lease is up in a couple of months anyway. If they threw out everyone with a cat or dog the building would be at least half empty.
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Glad you worked it out! I personally used to just leave a note telling them to be extra careful if they needed in the bedroom, to not let the cats out of there.

Annual inspections are usually done this time of year so they can work out the next years budget regarding maintenance repairs.
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Originally Posted by Bob'sMom View Post
I took them over this morning. To my absolute shock Bickford scooted right into his carrier without being tranquilized.
I really think this has a lot to do with the owner. If it was the crying in the car, most cats do that. I once had all 4 of ours in the car...that wasn't a fun trip.
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