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e machines

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Does anyone here know if e machines are good computers they have them on sale at walmart but I wanted to know if they were good computers I can't really get one right now though.
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They are great computers for the price.
Jeremy's computer is an Emachines and it's been great.
They were bought out by Gateway not that long ago, but Gateway opted to let Emachines continue production the way they'd always been.

They are very user friendly, and E-machines support has been super.
We upgraded the video and sound cards in ours and the support staff walked Jeremy through the whole process start to finish.
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depends on what you want to use them for. If you think all you going to do is internet and mail they are fine.

However imost of the people i know that got them soon hated them a few months later, cause it would not do more stuff then what it was made for.

I would suggest if you know someone near you that can build you one. talk to them about it. Just a idea. anyway take a look at what you will use the machine for.
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I have an e machine and I love it.
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Originally Posted by KittenKiya View Post
I have an e machine and I love it.
Me too.
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I had one for years and loved it.
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My brother and his family swear by emachines. He bought one years ago, and have owned nothing but emachines ever since. Just like all the other computer manufacturers, they have an "entry level" right up to pretty serious gaming machines. I looked at the ones at the Walmart here this morning, and from the specs listed on the box, it should be just fine unless you intend to do some really serious animation or higher level gaming.

My brother is on his 4th emachine, and has never had one break down, or had to have one fixed. He only bought new ones to when the older ones just weren't fast enough for the new applications anymore.
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My parents have one. It runs well, but comes equipped with Microsoft software that may not be compatable with other PCs. For example, they have the Microsoft Office suite, which has Works instead of Word for the word processing program. They are not compatable. Neither is the spreadsheet (I can't recall the name right now) loaded on the hard drive compatable with Excel. Just a consideration if you're exchanging files.
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Hi! I have had an Emachine laptop for 3 yrs. I am really terrible with computers, so I took a friend along with me to give me her advice (when I was purchasing) She actually liked it so much that she bought one as well. This was about the time that Gateway purchased Emachines - we got an awesome deal on them, and although I don't do much on my laptop, it has (knock on wood) been very user friendly, etc!
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I just bought an EMachines last January and I LOVE IT! I use it for digital pictures, email, games, music, everything- and I haven't had a problem with it yet! My Aunt has one as well and does a ton of photography with it and she's never had problem - she's had hers for about 3.5 years!
I highly reccomend them!
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I was told by one person to get one and many PROs in the field to avoid them... I got a HP which is the same brand I was replacing after 7 years...
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My boyfriends family had an e-machine for a number of years. Thier decent computers. Thier great for standard usage, but thier not high performance computers.
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I have a e-machine and love it. It has been a great computer so far, we have had this for over a year now and no problems so far. I think they are very user friendly. There are pros and cons to all, just check around!

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I have an e machines computer and so far it has treated me well. I know nothing about computers and this one has been very user friendly. Mind you I haven't done anything too high tech on it yet. Mainly word documents, internet, and photos.

But definitely check around. It all depends on what you want that computer for.
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Originally Posted by KittenKiya View Post
I have an e machine and I love it.
Me too !
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I had one (quite) a few years ago and loved it, unfortunately it had to stay in England when I moved.
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I have an e-machine and no problems yet
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I used to have an emachine it ran really well. I had it about 5 years before i got a new one. It as still running, slow but running. I also played a game on it, it didnt like it. but i played it, everquest "
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I had an emachine a couple years ago. For what I was using it for (Email, internet, school stuff) it was great. But it only lasted me a year before it crashed. And the way it's made I can't replace the part that went bad. So I wouldn't recommend them.
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Well I mostly get on the internet and have my pictures on here and I want to be able to play sims 2 not sure if I can on my computer or not.
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