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Something wrong...

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I have 2 bengels that are 3 years old. Yesterday we gave them both flea baths. After they were dry we put Hartz advanced care Flea drops on them. This is something we have done a number of times. Today, one of them is acting really slow. He jumped up to my chair where I was sitting and sat down for a minute.
I got up to do something and noticed my leg was wet where he was sitting with me. He slobbers alot so I thought it was that. When I realized it was urine I became worried. He didn't seem to notice that he pee'd. I don't know what the problem is. The other cat is just fine. I keep thinking that maybe he tried to lick up the drops and it made him sick, but he's never done that before.
Can someone help? I am worrying myself sick here...
If you need more info, please ask!
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Take them to the vet. I have heard bad things about Hartz flea meds. I would also give them a bath. Please keep us posted.
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I agree with Bengal Cats, take your cats to a vet ASAP. Hartz Flea Products can cause serious problems or death in cats. Please click on this link, http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sea...der=descending you will be taken to several threads which will give you more information on the problems associated with Hartz Flea Products. Good luck and please let us know how your cats are doing!
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I will have my wife to it first thing tomorrow. He seems more agile now, but we have been giving him attention. I am hoping maybe his pride is hurt more than anything...
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Please take them to the vet IMMEDIATELY. The stuff once it is absorbed can do dangerous and bad things to your cats. It can even cause death. I urge you, urge you urge you to take them in NOW! Good luck!
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well we put it on approximately 24hrs ago. We did give him a bath and wash that stuff off of him. He seems more active now, but that may be because he is mad he got bathed again.
I am keeping my eye on him very well.
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I agree with all who have responded. Those Hartz flea drops can be trouble! Please keep us informed as to what happens.
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You want to watch out for toxic shock, it can cause his internal organs to shut down. My urgency comes from a dear friend who recently applied this stuff to her cats and 2 of her cats died. I am sorry to alarm you but there is a big push to get this stuff off the market or at least re-tested and re-marketed in a safer strength.
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He didn't really exhibit the symptoms until today so I'm hoping that he is less sinsitive to the danger of this product. Having washed it off already just after 24 hours instead of 48-60 hours seems like it might help greatly towards his improvement based on some of the posts from the attached link above and other searches I have done now.
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My heart sank a little when I read your first post! Hartz is a very dangerous product! I am hoiping that your cats are better and will recover from this. What did the Vet say?
You are in my thoughts....
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Any word on what the vet said? Is your kitty ok?
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Interesting development...My wife took him to the vet and he said to NEVER buy over the counter flea meds(shampoos are ok since you wash them right off). He said we probably saved any real sickness by washing the drops off after only one day. And the cat has a urinary tract infection. Seems the drops aggravated the condition so he felt doubly bad. We have some medication for his infection, he is eating, still a little slow but that probably from the infection. All seems much better than last night for sure!
Thanks for the help. I'll keep ya posted if his condition worsens.
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Sure glad to hear this, and your vet is correct any over the counter medication is bad for a cat unless cleared by a vet first. I would sure love to see pictures of your beauty!
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I am soory kitty has a UTI. It is wonderful that he will be ok!
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