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I miss my Pokey!

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Hey, i know we have all been there! And it really sucks!
Apollo was only 18 months old and was my best friend! He was black and white, and i got him for free during my HSC Trial Exams, he helped me relax and i told him everything. We got him desexed so he wouldn't wander like all my other cats had, and he was fine, but he got a blkadder blockage and we took himt o teh vet, he was fine and the vet said it was coz he wasn't able to releive himself, (he was inside a lot of thetime) so i kept him outsdie mostly and inside when he wanted to! He got it again, only it was smaller, we took him to teh vet and everything was fine, it was cleared and while he was coming out of the drugs, he went!
It was sad, i still cry, it was about 3 weeks ago! I wore his collar as a anklet for a few days hearing his bell made me both happy and sad!
I wanted tpo get another cat, to help take my mind off loosing Apollo, but not to let me not remember him!@ its hard to explain, yesterday i got a Rag doll, black and named her Chloe! I cried for teh first few hours of having her coz i miss apoloo, but know, i smile at her coz apollo would have loved her!

Apollo was buried next to my sisters White deaf male cat Simba, they were friends and i have a photo of Moke meeting simba for teh first time! So cute! I brought a locket and im putting his photo in it! I love Apollo and he was my special cat, i cant write about it, but he use to come into my room and sleep on my head and by my side, he'd always manage to find me and would sleep on my lap and not move, until of course i would say "want some pasta or some milk" he loves dairy!
He would sit under the table while we got the otehr cats out side that weren't supposed to be inside, he knew he was spoilt! And he was!
My Mr Poke, My Apok-a-moke, my Apollo!
I love you Apollo!
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Apollo

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Apollo. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Apollo.
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Honey, you are right, we have all been there, but that doesn't stop the pain. Very sorry headbuts and tearful, sad licks from KittenKiya's Clan. We weep with you.
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Condolences on your sad loss of Apollo - wearing his collar on your ankle was a very sweet gesture. Apollo must be very proud that you have adopted Chloe - it takes courage to risk loving again, and speaks volumes about what a wonderful spirit Apollo was in your life - so special that not having any cat is a void too unbearable to endure. Welcome to TCS, although under sad circumstances. I look forward to hearing about your happy times, too, when those times come. Susan
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My condolences...

RIP sweet angel, go at the rainbow...
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RIP Apollo
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