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what is normal for an eye infection?

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hi everyone! one of my kitties has an eye infection. i already took him to the vet last saturday, and she gave him a cream and a lysine supplement. i have been putting the cream in three times a day, but i haven't seen really any improvement in his eye. if anything, it seems to have gotten a bit worse. he seems to like to keep it closed or half closed a lot of the time, and it still looks quite inflamed.

i called the vet and the person on the phone kinda just made me think i was being a bit paranoid about it, and that it was probably fine... but today when i came home from work i noticed what looks like a bit of a reddish bump or sensitive spot on his nose, near the infected eye. could this be from pawing at the infected eye? is this a normal thing for an eye infection?

i'm going to give the vet a call back tomorrow but i was just wondering if this was normal or if it was something i needed to be superworried about? it is just so frustrating have a sick kitty, i feel like there has to be some way i can make him feel better, i just want my happy healthy cat back. =[

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No, if your cat hasn't shown any improvement in four days, there's something amiss. He needs to be seen again. I would call my vet again.
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Go with your instincts. There's probably something else going on OR just not responding to the particular med the vet gave you. If all else fails, make an appt to see the vet instead of just talking to the vet tech on the phone.

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My cat gets eye infections every 6-8 months. We treat her 3x a day with ointment, and she looks better within 3-4 days. Granted, over time we have needed to switch ointments, so you may need to try a different one. My vet's policy is if the infection doesn't start looking better in 4 days, and isn't resolved in 7-10 (depending on how soon we started the treatment), then something else is wrong.

So, I think a visit is definitely the way to go.
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If he gets in contact with other cats at time you could always ask the vet to take a swap for Chlamydophila felis if you're going there anyway, just to be sure that it's not that.
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Hi, well the only thing I would like to add is that you kitty may need a collar to stop him scratching and aggrevating the problem. You can get those soft ones in the US, which are tons better that the hard plastic ones.....
I also agree that a trip back to the vets, dont worry youre not being paranoid, you love your kitty and you want him well again

Do keep us posted ! and Good Luck
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