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EEK: I just got a freaky phone call....

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I have an add in the paper right now for my kittens and I just got a phone call a couple minutes ago from this woman whose voice I seem to recognize. She asked about the kittens and just sounds like she was high or drunk or something and she was getting angry when I told her that she couldn't take home a female kitten until she had been spayed then she said she'd phone back. Then a couple minutes later this guy phones from a blocked number and he askes about the kittens and then he's like how come your add said free (which it absolutely does says price neg.). I told him that it did not say free, but that it said price neg. only because I was not charging a fee, rather, you would have to meet me at the animal hospital for the spay/neuter and after the surgery, they were free to take the kitten home *as well as meeting my other criteria*. He asked how much a siamese kitten normally was and I just explained that if you want papered kittens, anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars or more depending on what you're looking for. He laughed and said you and hung up.

It made the hair on the back of my neck and arms stand up...I sure hope no one else allowes sick people like that to have any sort of animal.
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I bet they were impressed by the name of the breed and had NO IDEA the pricing of a siamese nor much about the breed. sounds like a bunch of ignorant people looking for a pretty kitty expecting to pay nothing.

Oh well...brush it off. ITS CHRISTMAS TIME BABY!!! some of those baby pics lol!
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I did mostly...I just had the creeps after for a little...I'm just glad that they won't be coming near MY babies!!!

The ones that have gone to new homes so far are very lucky little kittens!
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That is creepy. Unfortunately though when you advertise in the paper you get weirdo phone calls like that.

I remember seeing an ad one time that just said "Shoes $5". with the phone number. So my friends and I called it, left a message askinig all sorts of questions: What color are they, what style, etc.

We were obviously being jerks and they never called us back.
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yea, that's what I said to kyle.

I've had a couple like that but fortunately, I've had some wonderful calls too.

It's just when people are speaking like that to me, I seem to go blank in the moment but like right after I know exactly what to say.
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WEll that guy phoned back and he was acting normal, trying to pretend he never phoned before.

I recognized his voice immediately and asked if I had talked to him before. He sort of chuckled and then was trying to get me to give him a kitten. I basically told him that I don't have what he's looking for.

I managed to get him to say why he wanted a kitten. HE said he and his girlfriend already have a cat (female and he didn't even know what spay meant ) and all I have is males. I said no because I won't allow breeding to happen. I said I don't have what you are looking for and I wouldn not allow him to have a kitten even if I did.
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what an idiot.
told you some weenie guy looking to score a cute gift for xmas
and then when he cheats on her and she moves out...out goes the cat into the streets.

no no no heard that story way to much!
good job, you did what any responsible breeder and pet owner would do!
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What a creep. Way to tell him off. I really hope that he doesn't find a kitty anywhere else.
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Good job! Stick to your guns! You are right, there are some nutsos out there, and a lot of them come out of the woodwork when they see ads for cats and dogs!
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I get some freaky calls too because the word gets out that I have little foster kittens. There has been many people that I just flat told "No" because I just didn't like the sound of their voice.
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Some people just get so bored and love to stir other people up.
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Yea people like that make me and I get really stubborn and real honest.

I just wanted to find out where they lived so I could steal their cat
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