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High speed internet

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I need some geeky insite
I'm moving into my first "my own apartment" in a couple of weeks, and am trying to figure out my internet service.
I need highspeed...because dialup sucks, but it doesn't have to be fast highspeed.
the local cable service offers an upload and download combo of 10GB, 60GB and 100Gb maximum per month.
Bell offers 1GB, 2GB, Unlimited, and superfast
One of my geeky friends claims that I wont need more than one or two gigs, but I have doubts. Does anyone have any ideas what the average forum user/MSN chatter/student/light music downloader would use? The cable company is no help. I'm thinking of calling Bell.
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Wish I could help you, but i'm not sure about my isp's speed. I use road runner (i think it's pretty fast)
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depends on how much music you download. The chat stuff is very very very small.
MP3 and stuff can suck up 1 or 2 g limits in one night. but that is going to depend on how much of that you do.
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If you need good price, the middle DSL choice is fine (2G). That's what I have and I can download huge picture files and music with no problems. It's not as fast as cable but cable is SO darn expensive! I pay $30/month for my dsl broadband where I'd be paying $60 for cable broadband.
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I have ultra lite high speed through Rogers, and it is fine..as long as you don't watch a lot of videos online..I don't even notice a difference from regular high speed..

Seriously, its cheaper..I would go for it!

BTW I'm in Ontario too...so I know about the available internet services around here
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I wish I could get rogers, but the cable that goes into my apartment is cogeco, and their services are different. On the positive, it appears that Rogers has negated their regular cable, and is only going digital, which I think is dorky. On the negative, Rogers has 60gb's available for all of their light programs (different speeds), and then unlimited after that. It really would be what I'd go with if I could, but I can't.

I don't download much music at all...and would be willing to watch how much I do. I maybe download 5 MP3s a month...often none at all.

I wish that the two were closer in pricing. for instance, the $35ish program from Bell is 2GB, whereas the cable ($30) is 10GB. The unlimted programs for each run $48, and $70 respectively. I don't mind starting on one and changing, but finding one that fits my needs best is difficult.
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