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Tuesday's DT  

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What a day! Where have you been? Even Bodlover was lazy today. I didn't have anyone to share my anxiety!! My daughter-in-law was in labor all day. Now all is well and I have a grandson, a first! I have grandaughters, but this is the first boy. Have a chocolate cigar, everyone!!! Gee, Heidi, you and I could have paced together!
The new baby weighs 5lb.7oz. and is 18" long. His name is Taylor. He's a blonde!
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Jeanie! Wonderful news and congratulations on the new family addition!
Little Blonde Babies are soooooooo cute!
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Congrats Jeanie on being a gramma!!! YAY!!!
Post some pics when you can!
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Congrats Jeanie!! Had I known, I would have paced with you. I guess Labor Day Weekend will have a whole new meaning for the new mom! :LOL:
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Congratulations on the new grandson Jeanie!!

I got some great news today- we had looked into renting a really big Victorian style house a few weeks ago and were told that there were 5 people ahead of us on the list to rent it, so we didn't hold out much hope. I got a call today from the owner, and we got it!!!

I spoke to the owner and she said the only catch was absolutely NO cats .I had intended on keeping my oldest kitty, Onyx, because we we're so attached to him- even though my hubby and son have allergies. So called her back and said that my sis in law would take him. To my surprise she said she had discussed it with her husband and they thought it mean to take the only pet away from my kids so they said we can bring him with us!!

I'm so excited, things are finally looking up for me after months of everything going wrong . Wish me luck that the packing and the move go well, and that the house turns out to be as amazing as it appears

Hope you all have a good evening :rainbow:
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That's great Melissa! I'm so happy that things are looking up for you. I'm glad you get to keep Onyx, too. It had to be heartwrenching to rehome your babies, no matter how much you needed to. Sounds like everything is coming up roses for you now.
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Congratulations, Jeanie AND Melissa.

Work was OK until the last hour. I was called everything but a lady, by several customers. They were unhappy about the cigarette carding policy. One was with a group of youngsters, who had no ID. The other was a 59-year-old, who resented the "hassle" of taking out his wallet, to show me his license. He ALREADY had it out, to pay me! I am going down to the corporate office, find out WHO is resposible for this inane policy of carding EVERYONE, regardless of age. Then, I am going to jump up and down on his desk and throw a big ol' hissy fit! I'll be unemployed but I'll feel a whole lot better!
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Melissa, I'm really happy for you, especially since you can keep Onyx. Did you ask about the heating bills for the last year?
That's the only thing I'd worry about those big beautiful Victorian homes. I hope you'll be really happy there.
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Congratulations Jeanie! What a joy it will be with a new baby around!

Melissa, Congratulations on both the house purchase and the "Onyx - happy ending story" Glad you are going to keep him.

I am sooooo I have not had any time to post hardly anything in over a week. I'm falling behind and can't keep up to everyone's postings. How dare they throw so much work at me in the office :LOL: We have had 3 people resign since friday plus I have 5 New Hires that began today. I am in over my head with paperwork. And to top it all off.....it's year end. I don't think it's going to be a quiet week.

Forgive me if I don't get to check in much this week, but......I'll be thinking of all of you.

P.S. If someone can, please send me a PM if anything really exciting happens.

Have a great evening/week everyone.
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Ghys..I hope you can get a chance to check in with us, we will miss not having you around as much!

Jeanie!!! CONGRATULATIONS on the new grandson!!!

Melissa....I am glad to hear you got the house you wanted AND that they are letting you keep your cat!!! That is GREAT news!!
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Awwwwww. Shucks. Thanks Debby! That is so nice of you to say. I am trying to check in as much as I can. Tonight is great so far. Hubby is working and it's almost shower time for the boys and then....free time to myself! Could it get any better than that?
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What great news Jeanie and Melissa!
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I think this is an old thread, and so that we don't get it confused with today's thread, I am closing it.
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