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Need good vibes! Surgery Tomorrow!

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So, I'm getting surgery tomorrow on my hand. I have a ganglion cyst on the base of my middle finger that needs to be removed.

I need vibes because I'm a giant wimp. I hate needles, I hate blood...I'm just a big wimp to the tune of needing 2 people to hold me down for my Hep-C vaccination.

So, I hate to ask, but I'd really appreciate some vibes that the surgery will go smoothly and I won't pass out or get sick and that I will heal right up and there will be no complications or loss os sensation or decreased motion or infection.

THanks guy!
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OH sweety, I am a wimp too..I am sending many vibes that everything will be no probs!!
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OF COURSE! You can have as many vibes as you need from me, I faint when I have to have a blood test. I hope it all goes well and that your recovery is uneventful!
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I'm sending you lots of vibes. I hope your finger starts to feel better!
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I will deffinatley pray for some peace and speedy healing for you!

I'm such a wimp I don't want these 2 moles on my face removed. I'm used to em....they are a part of me I say.... what I mean is....don't you touch my face you doctor person! (not that the dr has ever said anything about them!)
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Sending you lots of calming and healing vibes. I had a ganglion cyst on my wrist, but luckily they were able to drain it without surgery. Try to relax tonight and it will make it much easier tomorrow!
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Good vibes coming your way!
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Sending a and this will be nothing vibes
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Lots of good, healthy vibes coming out to you Allie!
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Lots of vibes comming your way sweetie!!!
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good vibes too you!!!

Just don't look at the needles!!

When it comes to needles I'm a huge wimp too. Especially the IV or if you get a nurse that isn't very good at poking you! I would never do well if I ever became diabetic.

Anyways, good luck to you and hope everything goes well!
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Lots of vibes coming your way Allie!!
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Good luck. Remember that it will be fine.
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Allie, another big wimp here! I went through a hysterectomy last Feb, so if I survived that, I'm sure you'll be ok........just try to relax as much as you can and remember, it'll be over before you know it!
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I'm a wimp, too. I can't ever look at the needles. (Oddly, I used to do technical medical writing at work, and I can WRITE about techniques for drawing blood with no problem...I just can't look at it.)

Sending you lots and lots of brave and healthy vibes!!
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thanks guys!

i didn't even cry or throw up!

went well, accordin to dr it went exactly as it was supposed to. still can't feel my hand very much...

more later when i'm not typing with one hand. not as terrifying as i thouht it would be, but not exactly petting puppies either.
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I'm glad everything turned out ok....sending healing vibes for ya!
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Glad it's over and your feeling okay!!!!
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You come out on the other side and it's done (yeah!) and now best wishes and good healing vibes coming your way, nice big golden vibes showering you.
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Great news!! I am glad it went well
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Glad it went well! Best wishes for a speedy recovery
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