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Strange behavior after vet visit

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My 3 year old female cat went to the vet yesterday for her booster shot, rabies and upper reporatory shots. and today she is acting very unusual. she will not play. she will not eat her treats (which usually she can not resist) she stays hidden and aloof. And when we do get her out to pick her up, she "meow's" funny and growls. Then when we put her down she runs and hids again.
she has been to the vet before and has never acted this way after wards.
Help me please,
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Sean call your vet, some of what you are reporting is normal off feed, hiding, but growling and making funny noises isn't. Also don't keep picking her up. Bring out her carrier and make it nice and comfy with lots of bedding. Leave the door propped open, drape it with a towel to make a cave for her and see if she will go in there and hide until you talk to the vet.
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It is normal for a cat to be lethargic and a bit off their food for 24-36 hours after vaccinations, and the calcivirus vaccine can cause joint stiffness and pain. If it's been going on for longer than that, definitely call your vet and let them decide whether they want you to bring her back in.
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sI second the last post. It is possible after having shots that the spot of injection is sore. Also, especially if they havent been vaccinated before for a certain disease(for instance, say your cat has lived inside all these years and now you re getting her vaccinated for leucosis to go outside), they can be a bit sick from the actual virus they inject. Do not forget that thats what vaccins are, weakened virusses. And yes, it has to pass in 24 hours, or something is up. Often, if you call the vet, and tell them that your kitty is really suffering, he will prescribe you some painkiller to give the cat, for one day.

The shy behavior is likely coz of the pain, but a lot of cats need a day or so after going to the vet(especially if they go there only once a year or so), to settle back into normal behaviour. Going to the vet is incredibly stressfull for a cat, and they will often be a bit paranoid that you ll snag them again and drag them back to that aweful place. If you can, play a bit with your cat after you get back from the vets so they can unwind that way. It ll help them settle back in a lot quicker.
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my cat had a five day reaction after a shot once, she stayed away from me and acted lethargic and i was really worried. obviously she felt sore and didn't want to be touched. then the soroeness went away and she was her playfull lovebug self again.

I know how worrying it is ..agony. I hope your kit feels better soon. Keep us posted.
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