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cat boarding?

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Help!!! Has anyone had any experience with boarding their cats? I'm a first time cat owner (have owned dogs before) who recently adopted a homeless little kitty (very adorable and sweet girl). I REALLY hate the idea of leaving the little girl caged up in some unfamiliar kennel, but I'm new to this area and have to travel for the holidays. I'm not really sure what to expect...any advice is appreciated!

Thanks in advance
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I am a first time cat owner/mother too: always had dogs. But gee. I was a great pet sittrer for many friends. And kennel borading is fine because my sweet Kitty had lots to look at: others cat, plenty of things going on. She was safe, warm, fed and on a good schedule.

In New York there are now pet sitting agencies: nice people who have good homes for when you must be away. Super idea.
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I also am travelling for the holidays, in fact, I am taking my cat with me and driving to Mexico City. However, I note that we live real close to each other and perhaps in the future we can work out a mutual arrangement of taking care of each other's cats for short times. Usually, vets will put your cat in a cage and leave him there but there are places in Dallas that provide excellent services (I just looked for their cards but have misplaced them) including spending time with them and brushing them and so forth. You can probably find these on the internet but if you cannot, PM me and I will find you a decent place in our area. But I really do like the idea of a mutual arrangement if we meet each other and are both satisfied that the other will take proper care of each of our cats. If it was for a week or less, I would put Persi in one of these places but we are going to be gone too long.
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I have a roomie I can leave mine with, but my mom has boarded her two at a kennel when she and her husband go out of state, and she swears it's the easiest thing for everyone, and her cats don't hate her for it.

In fact, she says that they give her less attitude when boarded at the kennel than they used to when she left them at home with someone coming in to feed them daily. Go figure!

I'd see if they can give you any references to call before you make the decision, but I think it may work fine for you.
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Originally Posted by Persi View Post
However, I note that we live real close to each other and perhaps in the future we can work out a mutual arrangement of taking care of each other's cats for short times
That's really nice of you

I recommend you visit several boarding facilities, make sure they are clean etc. Or think about hiring a pet sitter, perhaps ask your vet if s/he recommends anyone.
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I think a pet sitter is only a good idea if your cats are grown, long time residents of your place (so they don't get stuck in odd places and believe me they can), have each other to play with, know the pet sitter well and you know they're mature and trustworthy about showing up, understanding all the cats' needs and scrupulous about not letting them run out, etc. For a new kitten, a professional place is much better as they will feed it properly, keep it clean (a decent place will, anyway), play with it, groom it if necessary, call a vet at the first knowledgable sign of trouble, etc. etc. and I also find it lets you have a much more relaxed holiday if you're not worrying about the cat all day long!
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Mine go into a boarding cattery and they're fine. Even Jaffa who's a shy, nervous cat does ok. I don't suppose he's terribly happy about it but he eats ok and the staff are very good with him. They understand he's timid and spend time gradually getting him used to them. It's always difficult leaving them, whatever option we choose (pet sitter, cattery etc) and worrying is inevitable but most cope fine with it. Just make sure to take along as much stuff from home as you can, including an item of clothing with your scent on it, as it helps for them to have familiar things around them.
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