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3 month old kitten sick

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I am fostering a family of 5 sweet tabby kittens. They are 3 months old and usually go back at 2 mos, but there was an outbreak of distemper at the shelter so I'm keeping them til the shelter is cleared. They have all been fine--running around, eating like little piglets, and taking the usual naps. Today, though my favorite little boy Rascal was very quiet. He isn't playing or eating or drinking and I haven't seen him use the litter box. I took him to the shelter and they checked his temp and listened to his heart and lungs. Can't see anything really wrong with him, except a little underweight so they gave me AD to feed him. He doesn't want to eat that either.
I really thought they were past the age where I had to worry about them. Any suggestions? The shelter will send me to the vet if he doesn't get better (although I think they might think I'm crazy since he actually didn't act that sick when we were there.)
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I would get them all on some L-Lysine if not already. All the kittens at the shelter should be if there is an illness outbreak.

For the one who won't eat, warm the food up add a little water, add a little tuna juice if you want. Keep trying to get him to eat. Kittens dehydrate fast. If he isn't drinking water either, add it to the wet food and do anything you can go get him to eat it.
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They usually do put them on lysine when they're sick, but these guys have not been at the shelter since the outbreak. Now my son said RAscal left his crate and was going to his mom when his rear legs just collapsed. I thought something was going on with his legs, but of course he walked normally at the shelter (they have a clean room where no one can go who goes near any of the shelter cats, you have to step in a bucket of disinfectant when you go in and out) and he even jumped up onto a couch.

I do have some stinky fishy food, so I'll go try that now. I fed him a little AD with a syringe but he wasn't happy about it. (Rascal is the 2nd kitten from the left in the photo.) I have a feeling I'll be calling them in the morning and taking him in to see their vet.
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My sweet little Rascal died this morning. Cant believe 2 days ago he was running around and snuggling my dog, and today he's gone.
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Awww, I'm so sorry
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First time postee here.And I am so sorry.
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Very sorry headbuts and sad, tearful licks from KittenKiya's Clan. I am so very sorry. Poor baby. Poor you.
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I'm so incredibly sorry. With great respect, I will now move Rascal's very special thread to the Bridge to be honored as he joins so many of our own precious loves.
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I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Rascal.
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Originally Posted by Snuzy View Post
My sweet little Rascal died this morning. Cant believe 2 days ago he was running around and snuggling my dog, and today he's gone.
I'm so sorry for your sad loss.

Rest in peace Rascal - play happily in perfect health at Rainbow Bridge.
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Oh my, I am really sorry for the loss of Little Rascal these things are so hard to understand...........

RIP little one, you are with your new fur-family now, run & play and the love from below with make you purr
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Just want to thank you all for your concern. When I was volunteering at the shelter today, they told me they had sent his blood to be tested to see if they could find out what had happened. He was very anemic, so unless he wasn't eating for a long time (he only stopped eating the day before he died), there was something genetically wrong. I'm just glad it was quick, and he had a great time for the 9 weeks while he was here.
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I am very sorry at your sudden loss of Rascal, he was a beautiful boy! Don't worry as he is now happily playing with all the other kitties on RB where he won't feel ill anymore.

RIP Rascal!
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Oh this is so sad, i'm so sorry

Run and play happily at Rainbow Bridge Rascal. All the older kitties will be mother to you now

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I'm sorry for the loss of your sweet Rascal

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Wishing rascal an eternity of health and plenty of cat loving dogs to snuggle with over the bridge.
I am sorry for the empty spot in your heart that was left when he crossed the bridge. Sudden kitten loss is a very sad experience.
Thank you so much for volunterring and fostering these kittens.
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