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Cheap Kitty Toys!

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Since I know that many kitties here love the sparkle pom-pom balls as much as Trent and Ophelia do, I wanted to share a good find. At Michaels right now they have a 24 pack of gold, silver, red and green sparkle pom-poms for $2.99. Look for it with the Christmas craft supplies. I would imagine all of them will have it. I think we are going back soon to pick up some more. We can never have enough of these around the house!
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Sounds like a colorful kitty present!
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Great idea! I'm always looking for toys for my kitties and store bought ones especially for kitties can be pretty expensive! Here's an idea that was on one of the TV shows over here a while ago. You take a tissue box, cut two holes in each of the long sides, just big enought to stick a paw through and then pop a ping-pong or table tennis ball or a ball of similar size in the top. My cats spend hours batting the ball around in the tissue box and love the fact that there are four holes to get the ball through. Here's a pic of the one I made for Milo, Popcorn and Coco.
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Kumbulu, what a clever idea! What do you do to keep the ball from coming out of the big hole that the tissue come out of?

valanhb, thanks for sharing the tip about the sparkly balls at Michael's! My kitties love them too (and so do my kids, so they are always disappearing )

I made a couple of cheap kitty toys using a pair of my baby's outgrown infant socks. I stuffed one with some cotton balls and a plastic grocery bag and sewed it shut. And I stuffed another with cotton balls and catnip. Next pair will be stuffed with cotton balls and a bell and I may let the kids draw on the socks first with permanent fabric markers. Add a yarn tail and some ears and we'll have homemade mousies!

Any other cheap or homemade ideas out there?
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Heidi...thanks for the duggestion.Sounds like a great "stocking stuffer" for Jedi!

Kumbulu...thanks for the great idea with the tissue box. I am going to make one of those for Jedi this weekend.

Another thing Jedi loves is the plastic rings off of milk or water bottles...the part that the top breaks away from and remains on the bottle. He will bat those things around on the kitchen floor for hours. And they don't cost anything (you are buying the milk/water anyway).

He also like the clear lids that come on the sport water bottles. Again free.

I also have an old sweat sock that I put a few small bells in and tied in several knots. He likes that too.

He plays with these "homemade" toys much more that he does his "store-bought" toys.
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