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An old dear friend is gone.

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Some of you may remember the post I wrote in The Cat Lounge about our elderly boxer/chow mix that was having health problems, Ginger, and I still thank each and every one of you for your nice words before and after we found out that it was just a bad case of arthritis...the Rimadyl worked wonders for her the first 10 days or so, much to our relief. Well, Friday night, things went downhill again. The rear paralysis returned, and her appetite started to slip. She basically slept all weekend. On Monday morning, I noticed that her head was tilted at an odd angle, and that she appeared to be bloated around her mid-section. We called the vet immediately, and took her in. Well, much to our heartache, the vet found a cancerous tumor in her spleen that had ulcerated, and she was bleeding internally. He explained that she only had a few days to live, and the kindest thing we could do would be to end her suffering...we were in shock, as she was given a clean bill of health just 10 days earlier.

Needless to say, we are stricken with grief...her absence has left a hole in our hearts. The 3 cats miss her (especially Steuben, as this was his "surrogate mommy" as a little kitten), and our other two dogs, Melvin and Puppy are at a loss as well.

Please send prayers...we could use them.

To Ginger (also lovingly referred to as "Janet B from the Planet C"):

We miss you terribly...I hope you understand that we could not allow you to suffer. We wanted to give you the final gift of peace and comfort...so that you may now run across the Bridge, and be the squirrel-chasing, smiley, jovial lady that we remember in your youth. And we will meet again someday...

Daddy requested that I post the song he used to sing to you on walks:

"Thank you for walking with me.
Thank you for talking with me.
Thank you for dancing with me.
Thank you for making me freeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!"

Goodbye, pretty lady. Thanks for 16 years of love, and memories. We couldn't ask for anything more, and for a nicer dog and friend.
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Oh honey, very sorry headbuts and sad, sad licks and kitty kisses from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Well this made me very sad, I hate reading these but I want to be support for those who are greiving. I will be Praying that you find peace in what has happened. Bless you all
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Oh I'm so sorry!

Play happy now pretty lady!
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I'm so sorry for your sad family's loss.

Rest in peace Ginger. Play in perfect health at Rainbow Bridge.
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What a beautiful tribute to a very loved member of your family. I'm deeply sorry for your loss.

Run and play Ginger. Chase the squirrels and jump and be happy. You are a lucky dog to have such a loving family to watch over. Their love for you will never cease...
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What a lovely tribute to your dear old friend. What a shock for this to happen so suddenly. After a long good life, you did the only loving thing you could, and she knows that.

Play happily, Ginger. When you find the squirrels, I expect you'll find an old pal of mine, too -- Belle will show you around. RIP, Sweetie
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Your beautiful thoughts & words will fly high to the Bridge............. and Ginger will know how much she is much loved and missed Your special memories will make you smile once again.............

RIP Little Ginger, run and play over the Bridge, your new fur-family are waiting to play chase & catch and all those wonderful games with you
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Oh goodness that's such a lovely tribute to your girl

Run happily over at Rainbow Bridge Ginger, and know how much you were loved by your mum and dad

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