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Stiff and sore

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Last night at the grocery store, I managed to slip on a patch of ice and landed on my backside . I cut my hand and my wrists were a bit sore, but everything seemed OK. I complained to the manager, did my shopping and went home. This morning, when I woke up my neck and lower back were stiff. Not good timing, since I'm flying for a business trip tomorrow. I know I'm whining, but I'm already ready for winter to be over
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Ouch Christy!! What did the manager say?
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
Ouch Christy!! What did the manager say?
That they would put more salt out Everyone keeps telling me, half-serious/half-joking that I should have sued. Since no major damage was done (I'm just being fussy and whiny today), I wasn't going to make a big deal of it.
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True, because everyone sues these days, but having said that see how you are over the next couple of days.
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That's scary stuff, Christy. Glad you're essentially OK, if not very comfortable.

A friend of ours wasn't so lucky last week in the ice and snow here. She slipped, fell and cracked her skull. She's as OK as can be expected at this point, but it's going to be a long haul for her.
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Oof! And I've been whining over how sore I am from my trip the other night! I'll hush now! Hope your feeling better soon! A long hot bath sounds in order!
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Good vibes to the three of you (counting the girl with the skull fracture) - I hope you all heal well, and soon.

I'm glad you told them - them putting more salt out may have prevented a more serious fall later.
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Geez I hope you start feeling could have broke a bone what's wrong with this store!!!!
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Did the manager take your name??? I would put ice on your injured parts (for 20 minutes.)
Do you have a heating pad you can take with you. Maybe you can preboard your flight due to injury???
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Sorry to hear you are sore. Would this be an excellent excuse to book a massage?
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Oh, that sucks, I hate feel so helpless on the way down.. And then sore after
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Ouch! I hope you are feeling better today!
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ouch! i once feel down the stairs at home (luckily only about 4) but landed on my car yeah I was hurting for a few days. hope you feel better and I agree that a nice hot bath is in order
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Oh Christy, it's that time of year. We all need to be so careful when we're walking is a perfect example. Go home tonight and take that hot bath.......they really do help!
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Ouch! I bet that mishap is going to make you enjoy Florida even more, Christy!
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