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What's for lunch??

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I am starving right now and have to go to work in an hour and a half. I think I will make myself a sandwich on wheat bread with ham, mustard, sliced dill pickles, lettuce, and tomato before I leave. and snack on baby carrots and ranch. So what are you having for lunch today?
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Me and John went to Hardees, it was very good!
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I'm gonna get Chinese if it kills me! Otherwise I've been eating chocolate covered pretzels.... mmmmm.....
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our Hardees closed down here years ago. and the one 30 mins away closed down as well. I love their hot fudge sundaes and their curly fries and chicken nuggets.
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I had a smart one salisbury steak and mac and cheese! But I am going to have McDonalds for dinner!
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Chicken Quesadilla. I just made it I'm trying to use up some leftovers before we go grocery shopping. I used the leftover rotissary chicken meat, shreaded cheese mix and two soft flour tortilla shells and just fixed it up
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Leftover risotto... 'twill serve...'twill serve
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I had italian poutine.
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Well I just had dinner...but lunch was Italian Wedding Soup and a granola bar.
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leftover chilli for me... boy was it good!
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I can't remember what I had for lunch, but I'll tell you what we had for supper. My sister had brought us a huge veggie tray so we had raw veggies with dip, I made some cheese biscuits, and fixed hot chocolate to drink.
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