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my kitty ran away

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Can anyone please help me? I am desparate to get my baby back. Last thursday, my beautiful black cat, Shadow, popped out the window screen and snuck out. And I have been trying to get him home ever since. We found him in an old abandoned church that my landlord owns and he gave us permission to go search for him. He has climbed in this little hole in the wall and refuses to come out. We can see him and he looks okay, he's just so scared. We rented a trap from the Humane Society and put canned food in it, but he's too scared to come out to eat. What else can I do?! I'm losing my mind because I miss my baby. He's always been a scaredy cat but now he's so terrified he won't move. My voice doesn't seem to help, even though he responds to my call. Can ANYONE give me advice? Anything? Please help!
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I am glad you know where he is. What I would do is take the trap and set it in a secluded spot near where he is hiding. Use one sheet of newspaper to cover the bottom of the trap, but only one sheet, anything more will not trip the switch. Get an old shirt of yours that you don't care much about and do an exercise routine to make Richard Simmons proud. Get that shirt so wringing wet with your scent and put that shirt in the back of the trap. Put the food on the shirt.

Your kitty will not come out until the wee hours of the morning. Usually 3:00 a.m is when they feel safest. The world is quiet then, so you have to leave the trap over night and come back in the morning.

Best of luck catching your kitty. Hugs ((((((((())))))))))
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Hissy's advice is wonderful (as always). I would add that cats have a hard time resisting the smell of kippered herring. You can find the herring in the same grocery isle as tuna. It smells really strong and yummy. So try putting a bowl of kippered herring in the trap along with doing everything Hissy suggested.

Please, please let us know how it works.
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You already have very good advice, so I will just add a prayer that you will get your baby back tonight or tomorrow morning. Please let us know. We know how frightened you are, and our hearts are with you and your poor, scared baby. Bless you.
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Thanks so much for all the input. I'll definitely try all of those things!!! I'll keep you posted on what happens.

Just out of curiousity, Jeanie G, where "near Pittsburgh" are you from? We live near Altoona PA, and I was just wondering how far away you are. Maybe you could help me get Shadow. Hehe.
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Sorry, Scarzilla. I'm within 16 miles of Pittsburgh, and Altoona is quite a distance from here. I do hope you get Shadow back soon, though.
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I am adding kitty capture prayers for you!
Let us all know! We are rooting for a happy ending!
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He came home!!!!! Tonight, I heard him crying and ran to the door and slowly opened it. I grabbed his food bowl and set it in the doorway and started playing with it so the noise would attract him. (it's dry food) He came up and I was able to grab him and bring him inside. YAY!!! So thank you very much for your thoughts, prayers, ideas, and support! It means a lot to me and Shadow!!
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Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We all just love happy ending aroud here!
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All right! Yea Shadow! We're really happy for you, Scarzilla.
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I'm glad you have your little guy back! Bravo!!!

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I do love happy endings!
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Whew, what a scare! If only these kitties knew what they did to us in doing their little disappearing act! My 5 yr old male cat took off for nearly two days and I was near frantic, he's such a food hoard that he'll feed off of other cats' food, yipes--thinking of getting him tested for diabetes.

Congratulations hon!!

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