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Here are some pictures of Bickford - an 8 year old Maine Coon mix I adopted this past weekend:

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Awwww Bickford your so relaxed you look like you've lived in your new home for months
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Well isn't he a handsom man!!!
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What a gorgeous boy!
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What a handsome boy he is
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What a big cutie!
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Oh that is such a cute picture!
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He's Gorgeous!!!
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Thanks for the complements - he is gorgeous! Here's the funny thing I have noticed. The cat who is on the bed is the alpha cat at that moment and the other cat scurries out of the bedroom real fast after eye contact. Neither cat is a fighter (Bickford was always an indoor cat and Bob was an "unsuccesful stray" as he came to me with many injuries from a fight and he can't hiss properly) so it's funny to see these somewhat passive attempts at dominance.
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awe hes so gorgeous and he looks so relaxed !!!
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he is handsome! looks like my mikey...just lighter!
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Aw, he looks like a real sweetie.
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