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Had to finally resort too...

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You know the new kitten thing, they want to jump on the counter, she wants to try to get our food when we are eating, hence trying to jump on the table. Of course the newest thing was climbing into the christamas tree! Also tearing up the wrapping of some of the presents under the tree. At first I tried the stern NO and moving her each time. But gosh is she stubbern! So, then after reading some posts here I tried the pennies in a can. She just stares at me. My kids must be to loud and she is used to noise. So, I had to resort to the final thing, a squirt bottle with water. Well, gotta say that it does work. She hates water. I am careful to aim at her tush so it doesn't get into her eyes or ears. Now I can just slosh the water bottle and away she goes.
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LOL my cat hates water, too! THANK GOODNESS because my cats are ALL over the place ALL the time!
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I do not have kids around the house often so it is usually quiet but I had a left over from last new year's eve party one of those things you blow on and it unravels way out long and makes a heck of a loud noise. There is only one place in the house I do not allow Persi to be and that is the cooktop and it only took a few blowings to keep him off (hopefully) forever. The noise also worked for the garage where he is not allowed, a few loud honks on the car horn cured him of wanting to go there, too! As far as the rest of the house, it is catproof; no toxic plants, childproof medicine bottles up high, etc. So loud noise was the answer for me although I never tried the pennies.
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I know Gizmo goes onto the Forbidden Zone (table top) when I am not at home but I wash the table and that's fine.

I leave pots on top of all four burners in case she is inquisitive about the stove, but her previous owners appear to have trained her well. She has never, ever gone on the kitchen countertop or stove and appears to avoid the kitchen area of the apartment entirely. "her" area, with food, water and toys, adjoins the kitchen and she accepts the divison of space.

The thing that has me worried is makeup and pills...all the bottles have childproof caps since sometimes things fall out of the bathrroom cupboards. One cupboard does not even close properly and a determined cat might get into it, and come to grief. Makeup is just as poisonous as medicine, so watch out for lipsticks that fall and are mistaken for toys.
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