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Need your HELP...

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Hello All,, Need your opinion on something and help...

I have a Chocolate Cocker Spaniel, that I need to find a home for. He's 2 yo and is very loving, I got him from a High Kill Shelter. I've tried for months,, literally months, trying to get my two dogs to get along.. to no avail.

My other dog, who we've had for a very long time Sheba (rottix), the two of them don't get along.. They fight really really badly. I'm afraid that the Cocker is gonna get hurt. So I need to find him a new home. I don't want to charge someone but I've heard if you don't people won't use them as pets. Is that real?? He's not AKC registered.. I don't think... He's a rescue.

And where should I look to find him a home?? Any ideas?? I want him to find a good home,, because he's a good dog,, but my Sheba and him are not a good mix,, not even a little bit... Where should I go too??

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Hi Heather,
Yes you should charge some kind of "adoption fee". You can say it is to reimburse vet expenses or donate it to a Humane Society but there is always a danger (even if it is small) that if you take out an ad that says "free to good home" someone will show up and pretend to be very nice and then use the dog as bait for dog fights. Unfortunately it does happen.

You might try posting in the "Adoptable Pets" section of petfinder, but be careful, there are some nutsos out there. I tried once to post looking for a certain type of dog and I was amazed at some of the dirtbag responses I got. Whatever you do do not post your real name or phone number and use some kind of junk email address like yahoo or gmail.

You might get lucky and find someone in your area who is looking for a pet and who does not want to deal with breeders or rescues. But if you want to find a good home for your dog you are within your rights to to the same kind of investigating that a shelter normally does, like get vet records, do a home visit etc.

Good luck, I know it is hard, but you are in a tough part of the country.
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It is hard, but I agree - you should charge a nominal fee.

Perhaps get onto a dog forum, and find out the sorts of questions you should be asking potential adopters. www.chazhound.com/forums is a great one, with lots of awesome advice.

People there can get very narky when you're talking about rehoming, but stick to your guns and get the advice you need - there are lots and lots of people there that will give you good advice, and ignore the people who might give you a hard time (just a warning!)

I am Rubylove there, if you want to use my name and say I recommended the site to you.

I think it's great that you are so concerned for your dog's safety, health and happiness. But you're right - the dog you had first is the one who has to come first with you, and I hope that you find a lovely home for your cocker. They are beautiful dogs and you might just find a sweet elderly lady who wants a little companion dog!
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Post him with pictures, cautions, etc. on either Petfinder.com or craigslist in your state/city.

And do charge an adoption fee - IMO if a person is willing to put out a little money, then they tend to take better care of the pet.
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Two other options you might also want to consider are contacting local vet clinics or dog groomers to see if any of their clients are looking for that specific breed. A wonderful groomer I knew used to keep a “want†list of clients looking for specific breeds incase she knew of any being rehomed or for adoption. Though hopefully they wouldn’t recommend someone they didn’t feel was a good owner, I would still screen any prospective adopters found through them to make sure they were a suitable home.

As for a rehoming fee…if you feel uncomfortable about asking why not state it will be donated to a local shelter or rescue group in their name?
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Also try local Cocker resues - ie breed dpecific!
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I would probably get in touch with a reputable rescue, either all-breed or breed specific. Who starts the dog fights, the Cocker or Rottie? Does either draw blood in these fights? If the Cocker starts it, let the rescue know so he goes to a home where he'll be an only dog.

If you can't find a local rescue, look into out of state rescues. Try www.acmepettransport.com, they are great people who will be able to help out.

If you have any questions regarding transports, please let me know.
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