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I think she has gone crazy

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Help! Arty is a 12 yr old unaltered female she has recently begun acting wierd 2 days ago she attacked the kids yesterday she attacked again and I am running out of time my husband wants her put down before someone gets hurt. I work in human psych and she has a lot of symptoms of psychosis she even appears to be responding to something I cant see her attacks are unprovoked and rather vicious.I dont want to lose my girl but i recently lost my male to leukemia and cant afford vet bills right now I am so frustrated I dont know what to do
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When something like that happens out the ordinary there maybe something wrong

Are there no low cost clinics in your area?
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No low cost clinics I wish and they wont bill either its cash up front and I am still recovering from last kitty illness
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It sounds to me as if she's in pain - it's not uncommon for cats in pain to lash out at people and other pets. It is unlikely to be psychosis - if you think about it, a cat doesn't know what is causing the pain, so if someone comes close they 'defend' themselves, as if they were being hurt.
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I'm sorry...I hope you can find a way to get her to a vet soon
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I know how it feels. I couldn't take Bubbles to the emergency vet last night, because I am broke and can only just afford the "normal" vet.

The only suggestion I can make is, to go the same Vet which treated your other cat and see if you can come to some agreement. He knows how much you spent with him.

And tell your husband that putting her down cost the same as getting her examined....then you can still decide on treatment.
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I think having her spayed will stop all these issues - cats that have a lot of seasons can have health issues, a few of which will cause this kind of symptoms, as they can be painful. Please do get her spayed, it is a lot kinder on her.
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If you had a male in the same household who recently died of feline lukemia and the two have had close contact, you should consider getting her tested for lukemia as well. It is highly contagious between cats and it's possible that if they lived together and groomed eachother that the one gave it to the other.

In any case you should have her checked out, as her aggression may be in response to pain she is feeling and could be indication of a bigger health problem.
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spoke to the vet again today and because of everything else going on in my furry angels life and because she is so high strung,always has been, we are fairly certain it is a stress induced "nervous breakdown" and she will come out of it there is also a organic tx they recomend I try on my baby to help her relax.As for leukemia the whole family (we also have ferretts) got tested shortly after demetris passed away so I know thats not it.Stress is the most likely and the kids and I were able to win over the hubby.Artemis is curled up in bed with my oldest girl as we speak and being her beautiful self. Vet says it will take patience and love but my girl can get through this thanx much guys I will let you know how she is doing
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Turns out folks it is STRESS!!!! kitty has had too many changes this year she is now taking an herbal supplement called rescue remedy and while I am not gonna say she is her furry little self she is definately better than she has been for a while.We will love her and have patience and hopefully she will turn around.Thank you for good wishes and prayers
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Might I please suggest that you consider getting her spayed?
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Normally, I'd jump on the "get her spayed" bandwagon, but I would give Artemis a bit of time on the rescue remedy, and I'd continue to monitor her, until she seems like herself for a reliable period of time. Since she's already stressed out, getting her spayed at this precise moment may escalate that all over again. I would wait about 2 or 3 weeks, and then look into low cost s/n clinics...but yes, definitely do it in the near future.
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Some vets make me wonder!!!
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