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Prayers for some horsies please.....

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....my boss got called home today because her 2 new horses had gotten into a fight! I'm not experienced with horses, but from the sounds, it was pretty bad. They have to fix the stalls and both horses were cut up, bitten, and bleeding I guess. They put them in separate barns now and tended all the wounds, but they are concerned for the one horses' leg I guess.

Both horses seemed very mellow so I have no clue what set them off. I'm just glad my boss' 7 year old wasn't out there. They got thoes 2 because they felt he'd be safe around them. One is his riding horse. I hope they figure out what happend!

So can you just say a few prayers for the horses' leg? I think it was Ladybug who was hurt the most. I think the other horse's name is Dash or something like that (she was a barrel racing horse).
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I will be thinking of them Get well soon, horses ! I love horses.
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awwww those poor babies. Sending calming and healing vibes out to the horses.
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lots of prayers and vibes comming your way for those horses!
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lots of calming and healing vibes for the horses. I wonder if something spooked them?
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Well I got to ask my boss today more of what happend. This is as best as they can figure out. Lady Bug, one of the new horses, is a nipper. Last weekend she niped another horse while my boss and her son were riding. Lady Bug was in a stall next to Peanut, a newly weaning mama. Peanut's stall was a big one that had been divided in 2 with a big gate so they could separate Mama and baby when they needed to. So Lady Bug was in the other half of this big stall instead of the baby since he's being weaned. Peanut is acting rather hormonal and my boss' guess is that since she could reach, Lady Bug nipped Peanut and Peanut went off. It was so bad they litterally broke out of their stalls and everything. Peanut is about 1100lb and Lady Bug is only 700, but tall. Fortunatley, one of them during their fight got themselves into the breezeway and the door shut behind them so the horses got separated. Then she went and made a mess of the hay and feed....but at least the fight got stopped. I guess they are doing better but Peanut has a gash on her leg they are watching carefully. Thanks for the prayers and vibes for them. As it is now, my boss said one more incident with Lady Bug, and she's gonna be finding another home. She's hurting her other horses and is the horse her son rides.

She can't figure out what causes it, this horse at all other times has been perfect. I mean the guy who trained her showed them how he can ground tie her and do a bunch of stuff and she didn't flinch a bit, which is why they chose her for their little boy.
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Leg injuries are hard to deal with! I hope they get it taken care of. Horses can't servive on three legs like a dog can, they get an infection in a leg, and it's pretty much the end for them (if it get's bad enough of course)

Geeze, what's up with horses fighting? My MIL's and my horses (they are all owned by her, I help do every thing with them, and ride with her, she got the newest one so I could ride it, since selling my horse, so technecially I don't have a horse but, they are mine, too) got into it today. The two gelding were going crazy! It's not a pretty site when they fight, they were rearing up at each other and biting, and the mustang got turned around and pinned to the fence, he can buck! He kicked the appy in the face, he has a gouge down his face! There is absolutly NO way to get near them and break up a fight, you think trying to break up a dog fight is dangerous, horses will (can) kill you in a second! I got a natural horsemenship carrot (it's like a whip just not used as one) and snapped that at them, and they turned on the mare, she got stuck in the mud (it is frozen, but they break through and sink) so she went down in the fence, it's barbed wire she she got pretty cut by that, and her ankles are swollen probley from fallen while stuck in the mud, it's hard mud so her feet are cut too. The fence is broke the horses are cut, and almost broke! It was terrible, it seemed like it was forever getting them settled down, I finally got in there (I thought my MIL was going to kill me more then I thought the horses would, LOL! She was like, let them go, if they kill each other oh well! I couldn't so I just got inbetween them with the carrot and got a hold of the mustang, he likes me, so he followed me in the barn and appy just hung around by the hay feeder, while MIL got some grain, the mare finally got up and went to eat too. So we spent the evening cleaning them up too. We weren't out there so we don't know what happened. We really think they just got too rough playing, but when they got after the mare (kind of my fav, last summer we almost lost her, because the neighbors dog attacked her, and she fell and had a bad head injury and could walk without falling, and couldn't eat right. MIL was going to put her down a couple times, but I begged her to give her more time, and worked with her, she still can't be ridden, and isn't steady on her feet, but I couldn't see killing her (the dog mabey) I weren't having it!
I hope your boss' horses are doing good, or they find a home for ladybug (we had a hackney named lady elaine, I called her ladybug!) if it is for the best, the sooner the better.
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