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our daily thread for saturday April 14th

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happy saturday everyone! does anyone have any fun stuff planned? today is my best friends birthday and while I sent a gift I have to remember to call her.

I'm taking a train to NY (it's about a 2 & 1/2 hour trip) to see Mel C in concert. (she used to be a spice girl)

also i wrecked my car on the way to work on thursday so i have to go look at cars as mine is undrivable.

everyone have a great day!!!
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I hope you are ok, and not hurt in the accident.

I, myself, have a dull day ahead doing what I put off yesterday. I really have to get busy on my take-home final exam for my finance class. The midterm was a product of about 13 hours in front of the computer. I hope the final doesn't take as long! Plus, it's way tempting to jump online.

A friend called me this morning and wanted me to drive 2 1/2 hours across the state to dye Easter eggs. I guess I'll have to pass on that offer too.

Everyone have a wonderful Easter.
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Hi everyone!

I'm at work as I post this. I'll be here till 4 p.m. Then I'm off to run errands. Hope you're okay Deb. I just bought a new Kia Sephia. Great car and reasonable if you're in the market for a new one.

Have a great Easter everbody!
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Hi everyone!

I'm off to bed so this is my good night post

Congrats on the new car Donna - drive carefully! And good luck with getting a new car AP. By the way - congratulations on becoming an adult cat!!! That makes 11 adult cats on the forums (not counting me and the mods)!

We've had a quiet weekend. I worked most of the time on this site (a new breed description article for tomorow's update) and my other site. Then had to play Starcraft with the boys for 3 hours!

We had no luck with Dovik, the stray dog. Only one couple contacted us about the ad and came to see him today. But he's so old and haggard that they weren't interested. I guess I didn't help things when I told him he would need costly vet care... But I really think he does and people should be willing to make that commitment before they take him in.

Anyway, I think I'll try and get him to the vet tomorow. He's been bleeding from his nose and penis today and combined with his thinness, weakness and heavy breathing, I've got a nasty feeling he's got something bad - maybe cancer... At first I thought he was think and weak because he had been a stray for so long, but now I think it's something more serious. He's been eating excellent dog food for the past 2 weeks and I don't see him gaining in weight or anything. Poor old Dovik

Well, I'd better go to bed now. It's getting late

Good night
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the news about dovik makes me feel so bad! the poor thing. i pray that he has something treatable and not cancer. he is lucky that you guys have taken him in and he's not lost and confused on top of being very sick. i feel so bad that he wasn't wanted because he is looking old and haggard. that breaks my heart.

when i first read your post i was happy to see that i'm an adult cat, but now i'm sad about dovik.
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Hello all..

I didnt realize Dovik was so bad off. Hopefully the vet has news that it isnt as bad as it seems. I do commend you Anne for taking him in though!!
I wish I had a slow day. I am so tired now I could fall asleep. I was in the kitchen making stuff to take to Rene's tomorrow for 6 hours. Then I had to get the house picked up and laundry done. I am leaving the egg coloring to hubby and Kylee!! I am just happy the weather was nice today. I am looking forward to a nice relaxing Easter with my friends tomorrow.
I have to say, although I did alot today I am happy to be sitting here catching up, drinking a cup of coffee and watching the Journey concert on Direct TV. I hope everyone get to relax tonight as well!!
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I had a really nice day today, especially since Sandie spent six hours cooking to bring food to my house for dinner! Seriously, everyone is bringing food tomorrow and we should have a wonderful spread (no wonder I need to lose weight). Today I placed FOUR adult cats, a puppy and an adult dog! That made my day - especially since the cats were four and five years old.

Then my husband and I did some errands together and I spent a few hours working on my judge's exam. I am studying to be a cat show judge and in the beginning stages of the program. Frannie's mom is my mentor and she is very, very good and fair, but expects you to do everything right and strictly by the rules (which is as it should be). I really respect her a lot. Anyway, the test is open book BUT each question takes about a half an hour to find the answer and you really do have to read everything more than once. Since there are a lot of questions, I figure I have to find about 25 hours to do this test and I only have until May 10th. So, I am off again to work on the test because tomorrow I will be too busy with my friends to do much of anything else.

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Unfortunately, I have to work on Easter, but I can still wish everyone a happy one!! Hope your Easter is better than mine!!
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