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Aussie from Down Under

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Hi everyone,

I have been looking on this site for the past 3 weeks and everyone is sooOooOoOo nice. I had a kitten of 8 months called O'din but we had to put him down last week. (I have explained all about him in other posts) We now have a new kitty his name is Orion. We have had him for about 4 hours (not long) so i hope in time he settles in ok. I am from Sydney Australia and i work in the city (Sydney CBD). I love cats as i grew up with a beautiful boy called Simba. He is still alive today at the age of 15yrs. My boss has a cat aged 23 and it's kicking harder then our 15 year old. I just want to thankyou everyone for all your help in the past 3 weeks and tell everyone how lovley they all are and i know where to get the best advice if i ever have a question.

Thank you
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Just wanted to welcome you to a great place that I just found as well. I think you and your furrbaby will love it here~

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Welcome to the site, I'm glad you decided to stick around. This is a great place for getting about any kind of questions answered. Congratulations on bringing Orion into your home and heart. We would love to hear more about him.
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Sorry - I run out of fingers counting the 'o's.

Glad you and Orion have decided to join us.

Can we have some piccies of the little darling . . . pleeeeze?!?
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Welcome to the site! Hope you love it here as much as I do!! The people are great, amazing and soooooo supportive (sorry....I haven't seen your last post yet but...my sympathies).

Pleeeease! Pictures, Pictures, Pictures (P.S. a little secret between you and I ----- I count on everyone else posting pictures because I still haven't figured out how to yet!)
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You live in a great country !!!

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Hiya and welcome fellow Aussie!
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