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New Kitty Hides

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I know this is early days yet but we have just brought home a kitten tonight. He was taken from his mum tonight and was desexed yesterday.

He does not like us going near him but once we pick him up and hold him he calms down and falls asleep. We have given him everything he would ever need (bed, toys, litter box, food & water, blanket to lie on if want to). We havent put a clock near him "yet" but we will before we go to bed. He has that bed there but he seems to be hiding behind it instead. He is 12 weeks old but he has not been handled much as he was found with his mother and brother in the street and taken in by a lady.

Is this normal behavour for a kitten from what i have explained?

Please help !!
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Congratulations on your adoption of a new kitty!

Considering the traumas the kitten has experienced (being taken away from mom and being desexed) I would consider his behavior perfectly normal. Also, because he didn't spend much time with humans when he was younger, he will take a little time to become comfortable with you.

So, don't worry. Just be patient with him. To help him get used to you, spend time sitting quietly on the floor ... just sit there until he decides to come to you. (You can put a trail of treats leading to you, which will help him explore.) Speak softly and try not to make sudden moves until he gets more comfortable around you.

Bravo to you for rescuing this little kitty!
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I concur with lotsocats. This little one has had his world turned upside down and he will take some time to adjust. He needs to feel safe with you and know he can trust you. You can accomplish that by just sitting down on the floor where he is and read out loud to him. I know, sounds goofy, but it acclimates him to your voice, and since you are *occupied* and not trying to catch him, you are safe. If he comes out, just keep reading in a low voice and don't even glance in his direction.

I do this 10 minutes a day for any new arrival here. I also take an old shirt I really don't care much about, and get it really sweaty. Then I take the shirt and lay in down on the floor and put the food bowl for the new kitty on top of it. This helps the cat smell my scent when he has the pleasure of eating, and associates my smell with good things.

Just give this little one time. I know you have a set idea in your head about how this kitten should act, but the movie playing in his head right now is quite different. His mom who he loves so much is gone and you are in his life now, therefore, he is wondering- what did you do to his mom and he is scared of you.

Good luck!
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Hi all,

Im RacOOooOOoon's other half ((-[]

Well our little man is still quite timid, However he is becoming more bold, as in he walks around(well runs around) looking at everything, getting a feel of the place.

He still does not like us goin over to him and picking him up. But last night, i did this , an placed him in a box with an old shirt of mine, An i gently patted him an he absoulty seemed to enjoy it. Then RacOOooOOoon took the box (with Orion init) an placed it in where we have his bed made up, and he jumped out into his bed(wool lined basket with an old shirt an some soft toys) an PURRED!!! This made RacOOooOOoon and myself extremely happy, as we have not heard him purr since we have had him. Then this morning he was playing peek a boo with me while i was getting him some feed. (he did this the other night with RacOOooOOoon but she was not getting him any feed.)

Not sure what else to put so ill leave it at that.
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That sounds wonderful!!! I hope it was a turning point and that your sweet kitten now knows he is in home with two loving people who will take great care of him!
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Bravo for rescuing this little fella! Our little rescues went dashing to the farthest corner. We found ourselves unscrewing the TV from its post to dig one of them out of an inaccessible hiding spot! So glad you got his little motor going. Ours was an outdoor cat and preferred sleeping in the box of dirt (to train him to use a litter box) to using it as we intended... LOL! Once they get comfortable - watch out! He may never be a lap kitty, but he'll still find ways to love all over you! :tounge2:
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