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Help - Do I need a Vet now,or in the morning ?

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I just went to stroke my cat and realized he had blood on his nose, like a nose bleed (coming out of his nose), he also just lies down and doesn't move much, allthough he isn't limping, just very weak kinda thing. I picked him up and took him downstairs for a cuddle and noticed he also has a graze above his eye and a cut on his lower lip. The bleeding out of his nose has stopped, and he went back upstairs now, but he seemed a bit dizzy. Nothing seems to be broken (he doesn't limp and I couldn't feel anything else wrong with him), but he also has a dirty bum, like he hasn't cleaned himself and he looked like he was going to scratch his head (he has fleas at the moment), but gave up half way through.

He is an indoor outdoor cat and I am worried he may have had an accident of some kind. The nose bleed is really worrying me, and he looks like he was dizzy. He is now hiding under my daughter's bed, which is a bit unusual for him.

Is there any disease which could cause this ? Does it sound like he could have had an accident ? Does it sound like he needs the vet NOW or can I make an emergency appointment in the morning ?
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you need to take him to the vet NOW! GO GO GO! Anytime your cat is acting weird, and is bleeding from it's nose, don't hesitate...just take it.

go go go go now!
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Please ring your vet and describe the symptoms to him/her. He'll be able to advise you best on whether you need to take him in now or can wait until morning. A phone call doesn't cost anything (they usually take your details and get the emergency vet to ring you back) and all vets over here are required by law to provide out of hours cover. And if the vet says it's ok to wait it will put your mind at rest much more than anything anyone on here advises. It does sound like he needs immediate attention.
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I would take him immediate in to be seen. It sounds like he has a head injury, especially since he has access to the outdoors. Please take him to an emergency vet clinic asap.

And please keep us updated.
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I concur. Vets....ASAP, please.
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If he's been involved in a RTA he may have internal injuries, so yes he needs to go to the vet. I hope you're already on your way now - fingers crossed it's not too serious.

We don't have separate emergency vets over here - all vets have to provide out of hours cover and many pool their resources so that one will cover several practices. Thats why I suggested ringing the vet first, btw - you do generally ring up first and speak to the vet who will advise on what to do next.
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My sense would be NOW. But at the very least, phone your vet now. If they tell you morning is OK, well...OK, but nobody other than your vet is qualified to make that judgment.
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A nose bleed can be a sign of internal injury, your cat needs to see a vet right now, please don't wait until tomorrow.
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OK, I called the emergency Vet. They said I could bring him down or wait until the morning. As he is still walking she said it's possibly not that urgent.

I would prefer to take him down now, but I lost my bank card on Saturday (wallet was stolen) and my credit card is maxed out and they don't do bills. My bank's phone service shut 2hrs ago. So I have no access to immediate money. My vet knows me since 5 years and will be fine with just billing me, as I can pay by next week, as soon as I have my bank card back.

But I will have to stay up all night and keep an eye on him.
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sending kitty be alright vibes
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so far he is doing ok-ish - he came out from under the bed and jumped onto my daughters bed and is lying there with her now. My daughter said he had troubles getting up on the bed, his hind legs must have been hurt, but I felt them and they don't feel broken anywhere and he does stand on them.

Woke the BF up and he said Bubbles went out at lunchtime for 10 mins, came back in and lay on the back of the sofa, but he seemed fine, and to be honest, when I came back from work, he seemed fine as well, certainly no nose bleed and he was cuddling up with Gizmo.

His nose bleed must have happened anywhere between 8 and 10 hours after he came back in. Thats kind of weird. BF cannot remember seeing him eat, but he didn't pay that much attention.
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If there is anyone you know that can help you get him to the vet tonight (forward you the money maybe?), I would take him in. I would try everyone I knew.

If he has internal injuries, he could go downhill very quickly and bleed to death. I am not trying to alarm you, but the symptoms you describe definitely warrant immediate attention.
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He got up this morning and was very hungry, he ate the whole bowl. But he is freaked out. Taking him to the vet in 1 hr
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Good news

I am back from the Vet. Allthough the Vet confirmed that Bubbles definitley had an accident, he seems fine. Nothing broken and no internal injuries. He is just shocked and shaken and very bruised. He's been given anti-inflammatories and we will see the vet again next week. He is eating now, but he is hiding behind the toilet and under the bed.

Thanks for your help & Merry xmas everyone
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Wonderful news! (Not that he was in an accident, but that he is going to be ok ) Your Gizmo looks just like my Maddie. So sweet!
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Glad he is going to be OK
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Thank goodness for that!

Hope he's back to his old self soon
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That's good news. I'm glad Bubbles is doing OK and going to be fine.
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excellent news (well, except the accident part). Glad to hear he will be ok, I'll bet he is sore! Thanks for the update.
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latest update:
He is back tohis old self and begging to go out.... lol, no chance for a couple of days. I guess he needs to go for a smelly... he hates doing those indoors, but there is no way I am going to let him out until he is a) recovered and b) less spooked.

He is still a bit subdued and quiet, but he is jumping back up on the kitchen counter, trying to steal our dinner. He is also begging for cuddles. Hopefully he will get over his shock soon and hopefully he has learnt a lesson about cars. Even though he has always been the more sensible of the 2 anyway...
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