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The wanderer returns!!

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I am absolutely over the moon. My cat Bobby has returned after being missing for 8 months. He is curled up on my lap now purring and i'm absolutely ecstatic, i never thought i would see him again.
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No WAY!!! That is so awesome!!!! I'm very happy for you!!!

Too bad he can't tell you about all his adventures!
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After 8 months! That's incredible. How does he look? Healthy? Happy?
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That is wonderful news!! What kind of condition is he in? I would have a vet give him a once over and make sure he's dewormed since you don't know what he's been into for the past 8 months! How exciting to have him back!!
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That is wonderful!! Bet he has a tale or two to tell.
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Fantastic news!
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That is wonderful news!!!!
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Oh my gosh! Fantastic! A miracle!
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My cat dissapeared once for almost as long he was an un-neutered male (I know iknow!) He came to us as a stray, and he hated my dog, and after checking shelters hanging posters, ect, I gave up, he was gone. Well one day, he just came home! He looked great too, I think some one kept him and wouldn't let him back out again. My elderly neighbors loved him to death, and asked every day if cat came home yet (his name was cat) They were so dissapointed, they loved him, and didn't want a cat so they just "borrowed" ours. Well when he came home, they took him to the vets and neutered him, LOL! (we were going to any way) and they started letting him in to eat, and they pretty much just kept him, and when some thing happened to them their daughter was going to care for him, so we just let them keep him, apparently, a couple people liked him, since he came back in as good of shape as he left, I am possitive he wasn't roughing it, but cared for by some one, LOL!
I am so glad yur cat came back, it is so good to know he is back home, and not wondering where he is and what happened to him ect.
Do you think he had a hard time, or like my cat, some one else decided to keep him?
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That is so amazing, I am so happy for you... but you have to wonder where he was.... hummmm.....
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I bet it is just driving you nuts wondering what he was up to all that time. My cat was gone a little over a week and I was dying for her to tell me where she has been. I think she was trapped somewhere though because she was significantly thinner.
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Congratulations! I bet that's one little boy who's going to be SUPER spoiled over the next couple of days.
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That's great news!!! What a Christmas gift. I bet he isn't going to get out of your sight!!
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That is amazing. What great news! I wish he could tell you his stories!

Cheers, from
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That is wonderful news! How happy you must be right now!
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OMG That is a MIRACLE!! 8 months is almost a year for goodnes sake!! What was he up to??

Awesome news
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That is awesome...that's the best Christmas present EVER...hug him and never let him go!!!!
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Congratulations on his return!! I'm happy to hear he came home.
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What thats awesome!
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That is great!! I am sure you must be so releived. Maybe someone took him in and finally let him back out? What a great early christmas present.

It gives me hope that maybe I might see Kayla again.
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That is so wonderful, just right for Christmas. I do hope the little Czech cat comes home - is she spayed - I know it is hte wrong time of year, but maybe she is in heat and is looking for a mate?
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He looks absolutely wonderful and is actually fatter than when we last saw him so someone has obviously been taking good care of him. I have a vets appointment for tomorrow so he can get a once over but he does look very healthy. He sat on my lap all evening last night and purred and purred and purred, i think he missed me almost as much as i had missed him. I have the biggest smile on my face, it's the best christmas gift i could've hoped for.
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I bet you haven't stopped smiling! This is truly the best Christmas gift.....spoil him rotten & give him a kiss for me, will ya?
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I'm very happy for you!
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That is so fantastic!!! I think I remember you posting when he vanished What a fantastic present. I hope everything goes well at the vet for you both tomorrow
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Fantastic news! That is certainly a Christmas present and a half!
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Wonderfull news.I bet you couldn't believe your eyes when he showed up!
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I am very happy for you!
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Well, we've been to the vets and he has a clean bill of health apart from a few fleas so we've got some frontline. Apart from that he's just great. I've had him microchipped now aswell.
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