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radio question of the day: 12/05/06

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Do you like sports? If so, what kind?
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Yes. I like Racing and baseball!
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No, I don't like sports of any kind.
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No. And it really ticks me off when my favourite shows are preempted by sporting events. *shakes fist at the World Series for preempting House*

I enjoy sports when I'm participating in them, but the times when this occurs are few and far between -- I'm not particularly athletic and neither are my friends. I don't enjoy watching sports on television; I have nothing invested in them. The only aspect of televised sporting events that I do enjoy is the sociological aspect. Only in football can a grown man wear tights, make-up and shoulderpads, pat other men on the butt, and scrabble on the ground with a bunch of similarly-clad men and not have his manliness be called into question.
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Not really, I like to watch some of the olympics once in awhile. First Hubby & I used to Raise and Run Throughbred and Quater Horses, I loved the horses, but wasn't a big fan of the races
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I like Horse Racing and College BasketBall.
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Not really. But DH is an avid sports fan, so I end up watching more of them than I'd like.
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I tohught we had more sports fans out there!!
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no, I hate sports!!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
I tohught we had more sports fans out there!!
I'd sooner stick pins in my eyes than watch sport
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I love Sports especially NFL Football
I love to play basketball!
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I'm a sports fan! We faithfully watch NASCAR, NHL and NFL. We used to love watching Aussie Football League games on Fox Soccer, but they lost their license to cover that so we can't watch that anymore.
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Well, living in Race Country we have to love NASCAR, and I get to meet a lot of the folks in my work environment. I love most sports except: NBA (too much $$$), golf (BORING), bowling (UGH!). Carolina Panthers fan, Boston Red Sox fan (oh GOD I have something in common with Karen ).
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I love sports. My favorite is football and college football. I also love baseball, college baseball, basketball, college basketball, Hockey, Tennis, and NASCAR.
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I do! Anything that I can get outside and play - works for me! I like it all!
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I like track & field and x-country, I also like to watch swimming, soccer, and competitive cheer & dance. I couldn't care less for football or basketball though. / I do love baseball though, but don't watch it often.
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interesting question.....let see!
sport--------------------------favourite Team

Formula 1----------------------Ferrari
Base ball----------------------Cleveland Indians
American Football--------------Cincinnati Bengals
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No! Though if I have to watch one, I could take a little bit of baseball. Just please don't ask me to play!
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I love sports, especially football
and soccer
and hockey
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I used to be a die hard NASCAR fan but these days I’m not into it all that much.

Way back in the dark ages ESPN was in its infancy and they used to show all kinds of weird sports I watched lots of sports. These days I could care less.
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Figure skating and BASEBALL - I love the Blue Jays!
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Ice Hockey,field hockey & tennis
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Football (or soccer to you yanks)

Support West Ham- local side; and Birmingham City... West Ham have been woeful this season whilst Birmingham have been oustanding.

I'm hoping that Man Utd win the Premiership as everyone hates Chelski- I saw we have a Man Utd fan on board here
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I love Baseball. Go Cardinals (World Series Champs)
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Not much anymore. Used to be a HUGH nfl fan, but the players and actions made me stop watching. i will watch some college football, I Still watch F1 and motorycle racing.(nascar i also used to love, but it just does not seem right anymore)

hmm i would say, if i am home and bored yea, i will watch but over all i really dont care anymore. I would sooner go raid in world of warcraft, or read a book
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I dont like sports.
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Originally Posted by goosehazel View Post
I love Baseball. Go Cardinals (World Series Champs)
...uh,´re wrong Laura.......

... ...Just kidding my friend!!!!

your own opinion is soooooooo respectable!.....
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Originally Posted by 4crazycats View Post
I dont like sports.
...another very good respectable Opinion! not mandatory that all love the sports,...the important is express yourself your own opinion!.......
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I like sports, I played softball for 10 years....10 years ago and I always wanted to learn how to golf and play tennis someday! I like to watch NASCAR, and football and baseball occasionally. Never got into hockey or basketball I used to watch the Olympics too, my faves were ice skating, gymnastics and swimming/diving
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