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Kitty Too Full of Love

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My newest kitty is obsessed with getting lots of love at night. If I don't wake up and love on her she will walk all over my head, cry non-stop, and just generally act like the world is coming to an end. Does anyone have any training tips for my loving baby?

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No tips for you, just my understanding. I am completely trained by my abyssinian to get up when he jumps on my chest at night and pet him. I can now do this while I am sleeping. It is a reflex now. I wake up during the night(sometimes, other times I just sleep in a wet shirt,YUCK I know ! LOL!) soaking wet because he drools when he is happy so while I am petting him, he will drool.
I think if I remember right, if you acknowledge your cat at night even to get her off your head, she will take it as a way to wake you up every time, so maybe you can try and ignore her even when she sits on your head and cries. Sorry no experience here, just trained well by all of our cats.
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When we are getting ready to go to sleep, Cinnamon likes to rub all over me ....... She even lays on me as close as she can get......
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Sounds like your kitty has her person trained well. You don't say how old she is, but just like when she was a baby kitten and she would cry mom would come running. Well, guess what? You are mom now and you are doing what she wants you to do, running to her when she cries. I know it is hard, but the best thing you can do is pull the covers over your head and ignore her cries. I would suggest investing in earplugs! The older she grows if you cave-in to her demands, the worse she will become.

If possible, could you adopt a second kitty to be her playmate? That would help this situation out a lot. Good luck with her, she sounds like quite the character.
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My baby kitty (Isis) is still young, she's about 5 months. She actually belongs to my boyfriend and lives with him though I spend about every other night there with them. When she was very small we never had to worry about this because she would just fall asleep where ever she was and sleep for hours and hours, like little kittens do (awwww, so cute). She comes to my house (my parent's house actually) to play with the two kitties here two or three times a week. She is absolutely spoiled rotten I know and that's probably why we are having the nightly fest of love problem. I even made her a little web page http://www.geocities.com/semibadass20/babyisis.html We are going to try ignoring her and take your other advice to heart, I suppose I should be happy that she doesn't drool on me! Thank you all for your suggestions!

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Hi Jenna

Just had to say I think Isis is beautiful - a real little doll.

I have learnt to stroke my cats in my sleep (almost) when they jump on the bed demanding attention. They soon calm down after they've had a little cuddle.

Hope all goes well with the 'training' of little Isis.
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Isis is a sweetie!

I have a drooler, she was horribly abused as a kitten, her owner tried to drown her out at the lake! Dunkin drools so much, that when she is on our lap, she lays on a diaper. She has had every test known to vets, but it was just her exposure to the torture she endured that makes her drool. She also has to lay by the heater all the time even on hot days. The vets think she cannot forget the coldness of the lake and the blackness. She also will not sleep in the dark, we always burn a night light for her.
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Isis is a really pretty kitty! I have a Tortie named Isis, whe was a feral cat who I took inside a year ago.
Hissy, i had forgotten about your poor Dunkin. Reading that gave me chills thinking that someone can be so cruel to another living thing.
Poor kitty..
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Oh my gosh, I can't believe that someone would try to drown a kitten. What in the world is wrong with someone that they would try to harm one of the earth's cutest, sweetest creatures? I feel like an abusive owner if my various kitties don't get their favorite treats every day. At least your Dunkin found someone to love him and treat him right. I wish I could post more pictures. The ones on the Isis site were just little snap shots taken with a digital camera. I'm a photography student and have stunning pictures of my brood and friend's little darlings, but somehow I never make it into the computer labs to scan the pictures, I always get too excited in the darkroom over the prints. I hope someday to run a pet photography business. I'm going to try to include a picture of Isis when she was very tiny. The vet couldn't believe how little she was for her age. This was her next to my size 8 shoe.

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You can read about Dunkin's story here:

Dunkin- Kitty of Courage
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That story just about made me cry. Sometimes I think pets are more human than some people. Anyone who would do that to an animal isn't human.
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Isis is soooooo adorable! Thanks for sharing the pics!
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