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Help! Moved into new house!

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Hi everyone. I am new to this site and have appreciated looking throughout the forums for information. I do have a problem that I hope I can get some advice.

My husband and I moved into a new home. Our cat, Perry, adjusted quite well. We have his litterbox in the basement near the stationary tub...just like our old house. We had a new washer and dryer delivered this past Friday and began using it on Sunday. He is totally freaked out by the washer and is acting weird. It is a front loader. He will not go in his litter box. He urinated on our bed last night and both urinated and pooped on the couch this morning. I am looking for any type of advice. I really prefer that the litterbox remain in the basement. Do you think moving the litterbox away from the washer will help?
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add another litter box for a while and maybe when perry settles in you can dispense withthe extra and go back to the original one. Cat's physical worlds are of paramount importance to them. do everything gradually.
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Are you using bleach? Citrus smelly detergent? Maybe he does not like the smell as well as being scared by the noise(?)
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Of course, moving it as far away as possible can only help.
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Is your new basement louder than your old one (heater or whatever, causing nose). I'm asking because my mom's cat used to have her box in the same area as the heater and in the summer it was ok but when the heat started coming on, she got scared and wouldn't go in there....

just a thought..
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I would definately put another litterbox as close to your bed as possible. At least temporary.
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Thanks everyone for all of your help. I did add another litterbox in another area of the basement. This new basement is a little noisier than our last one. The addition of the new litterbox did help. He is going near the new washer and his "old" litterbox. Hopefully he will get used to everything soon.
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