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just talking

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hello everyone!!! im bored, lol. but i want to tell everyone that i will be getting a new kitten!!! my bf picked him out and its we are having another boy we will be naming him either shakespeare or king curran, lol. also my bf and i will be getting our first xmas tree on saturday, prince and princess have never seen one!! anytips on how to keep them from climbing in it or taking all the ornaments off? i have a lil one and prince just couldnt leave it alone, after spraying him with the water bottle for a week or two and leaving the water bottle in front of it when we arent home he finally left it alone, lol
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Congrats. I don't have any tips for keeping them off the tree....we havn't put ours up yet and I can't wait to see what our kitties do. I think they will be tearing it down alot.
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I hiss at my little girl phantom when she gets in the tree. then I take her out and put her where she is allowed. She know she isn't supposed to be in the tree and when I hiss now she gets out.
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