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Snow pics

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We had our first snow yesterday, and it looked pretty for a little bit. Most of it has melted away today. Here are a few pics from my backyard.

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Just kidding! I want to see snow I am headed out for a visit Karen... I will bring margaritas.
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It really is beautiful, but you can keep it!
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How beautiful!!! Im headed to Karen's, too!
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We also received our first snowfall. It's almost gone here but we may have some flurries tonight.

I'm not a snow lover, but it does brighten up the dull landscape this time of year. Makes it all feel clean, at least for a little while!
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Those are great pipctures! Very beautiful! I am soo jealous!
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So pretty! I love it when the snow sticks to the branches like that
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Those are beautiful pictures Karen! Wow!
I don't like the snow - at all, but it is so pretty to look at when it first falls.
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Oh that reminds me of the days back in NY...Beautiful pics the one with the berries!!!
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It is beautiful especially the one with the red berries I bet Kenzi hasn't seen it yet she will be jumping up and down wanting that snow.
post #11 of 28 that's what snow looks like. I always wondered.

Beautiful pictures fave is the last one. How did you get that blue tint?
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......aww...... .....walking in a Winter Wonderland.....
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You ought to see our snow!! You all that want it can have it!
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nice pics!!!! i live in poughkeepsie new york and its december and it hasnt even snowed yet!!! although i hate snow but i just want it to snow on christmas
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Not fair Karen - I'm been wishing for snow for a long time now - and I've got NOTHING!
Send it my way
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Lovely pics Karen. Send it to Miami.

btw, I love the last pic, it is now my new wallpaper.
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It's been years since I've been in snow.
I envy you Karen.
Beautiful pictures.
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It's crazy seeing that, especially when I look outside my window and see all the trees are still green and it's sunny.

It's beautiful though, there are times I actaully miss snow.
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Reminds me of the snows we'd get in Kentucky. I especially loved the snow when it cancelled school and later work!
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Hey Karen, I got that SAME SNOW, and it didn't look anywhere near as pretty on my car when I was getting ready to leave for work yesterday morning!

I do love that last pic - that's a Christmas Card photo for sure!!!
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Oh karen- those pictures are beautiful!!
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Love the pics, Karen! It's wonderful in pics, but you can have the stuff otherwise.
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Fantastic!.....Absolutely fantastic my friend!
This is one of the things of the world that NEVER going to see on my backyard...

BUT thank you to my friends I CAN see it at least by photos!...

thanks for share!
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Thanks everyone! It was a weird weather day here. It was snowing out and sunny at the same time!

Originally Posted by SophieC View Post
Beautiful pictures fave is the last one. How did you get that blue tint?
Most likely I had the white balance set wrong on the camera!
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Lovely pictures, Karen! Unfortunately, our snow hasn't melted, probably won't, more due tonight and tomorrow! It's so pretty in pictures............only in pictures!
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Wow beautiful pictures!!
we had our first snow fall last night around 9:00, snowed all night and stop early this morning.
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It is pretty...even though I think everyone knows my feelings about snow
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Absolutely breathtaking!
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