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Hello Cat Sport Fans.

New to your site. Have a 3 year old, Ragamuffin, spayed, recent visit to vet, and we are new to owning a cat. Are home all of the time, so, lack of attention is not a problem.

The cat has 3 names, Doorknob, Dandelion, and Doorstop. Reason being, that are her moods. When we got her from the breeder, we were told that she was not really interested in other cats, and accordingly did not get bred.

Initially, she would come to us, sit on lap about 1 min, and leave.
Now, no contact will be made, will sit distantly from us, and has become disinterested in just about everything. I have inquired as to obtaining a companion cat would be helpful, but, was told that we have had her only3 1/2 months, and it would not make a difference.

The only thing she waits for is her grooming each morning, other than that, no conversation.

Any assistance on this problem would be helpful....does have toys, catnip, and own room, and is being fed a high quality dry and wet food.

Thank you in advance.
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Get a 4' long piece of cord and knot it at both ends (small knot). Cover it with a sheet of newspaper or thin cloth on the floor near her and slowly pull and jiggle the string towards you. If she doesn't show interest and eventually pounce on the 'mouse' under the paper, I'd take her to a vet - never seen this one fail! Also get a laser pointer from a pet store and let her chase it around a darkened room. Roll/toss little light balls for her to go after. Good luck!
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We (the other priest in the house and I) adopted a 8 month old kitten in May '06 (she was thrown out by a young 25 year old neighbor)...actually, this beautiful Calico kitten adopted US...she looked around the neighborhood and probably said, "Where can I can find two REALLY likely suckers who will treat me like a queen?" ---and there we were sitting on the porch just waiting for her. She climbed up the stairs and introduced herself...sort'a saying, "Hi...my name is Dulcinea (Sweetie) and I'm pretty!"---and she IS really pretty too. But I digress...anyway, all summer, she would climb up in our laps and sleep there for HOURS while we pet her. She turned out to be pregnant...had three BEAUTIFUL kittens IN the clinic (the 1st one was breach...so it's a good thing we brought her there!). Now a couple of months later...all her kittens are happily adopted, she is home...and seems REALLY glad that the 'mother-thing' is over. She was VERY happy when the last kitten left for her new home. She has been spayed now and has come home to be an INdoor cat and queen of the house. She seems VERY happy...doesn't desire to go outside anymore...eats well...and potties in one of the two litter boxes (peeing in the inside cabinet-litterbox...and doing the 'larger jobs' in the 'out-in-the-air' litterbox). Probably makes more sense anyway...because the 'scent' is not trapped inside the cabinet one with 'the queen.' Dulcinea doesn't scratch or bite...(except on her post-tower)...plays with us each evening for several hours...is very curious and has to be involved in EVERYTHING we do at home...but she is no longer interested in sitting in laps or being affectionate as we had become use to. She endures being held (if forced) and to endless affection and kisses...but now at 1 year of age...is no longer interested in being affectionate back. Sort'a: "I have a headache-type-a-thing." or maybe, "I'm older now...have had a family of my own and am soooo over that kind'a thing." She was in the clinic for several weeks until the kittens were weened and during all that time we visited her every single day and supplied her favorite cat food and treats during her confinement. We've really tried to do well by Miss Sweetie...so we'd like to make sure we're not doing something wrong...except for probably spoiling her rotten. Does this make sense to any of you??? Are we doing something wrong??? We've spent a couple of thousand dollars on this little member-of-the-family...and are in this for the 'long haul'...so we'd really like to make sure we're doin everything well.

Any suggestions/comments warmly welcomed.


fr. gregg
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Welcome to TCS! It sounds like you are pampering your little queen wonderfully! She is lucky to have found such a good home.
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As she gets older she may well want to become a lap cat again, but not every cat does or will, and you might just have to accept that, sad as it is! She also might feel different when it gets colder, and appreciate somewhere warm to snuggle into.
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