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My truck was stolen

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I can't believe it. I woke up at 4:30am and let the dogs out and my truck is gone right out of my driveway

I called the police and am waiting to hear back from them. They took a copy of my title and had me sign a form.

I am so shocked I can't even speak. My truck is an old 1991 GMC Jimmy. It is starting to rust, there is a dent in the drivers door. They found the spare tire from the back dumbed on a side street. I have no idea how they even got it out. The back hatch will not open without the key. The little button on the dash to pop it has not worked in at least two years. Hell half the time the drivers door will not unlock with the fob and you have to crawl through the passenger side and unlock it.

I am going to call my insurance company soon. I am not even sure I have theift insurance. I can't view my entire policy online and I can't find the copy I had. I must have misplaced it when we moved.

I am so upset. We only have the one car. How are we going to get to work and back?

I don't know what we are going to do. The holidays were going so good so far and then this.
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Oh God! That's terrible! Right out of your driveway? People have some nerve!!! I would feel so violated.
My thoughts are with you. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
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And lots of vibes that your car is found quickly and no damage to it!
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I would be

Good luck with getting it worked out.
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Oh no how horrible! Good luck with the insurance company and getting this taken care of.
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I am getting more upset as I sit here wondering where it is. Hell half the time I don't even lock my door to the house. I have three dogs and two are very good watch dogs.

They were snuggling with me in bed all night since Greg started working third shift. They never heard anything.

I am still in shock. I can't believe it. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

I have called the insurance company and filed a claim. A claim officer should be calling me within 24 hours. I am going to call my regular agent as soon as his office opens so I can get more information on what my policy covers. I just hope I can at least get a rental for a couple days.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this! lots of vibes that you can get this taken care of quickly {{{{{{}}}}}}
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Thanks you all for the vibes. I hear cars going up and down the street and I keep thinking it is my truck coming back to me

I keep feeling she is lost rather than stolen.
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OHmy, what part of Ohio are you in? We have to park Jerry's truck outside because our garage is just a one car, so we always think that someone might steal it. I would be soooooooooooooooooooo mad!
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Originally Posted by AsecretK View Post
Thanks you all for the vibes. I hear cars going up and down the street and I keep thinking it is my truck coming back to me

I keep feeling she is lost rather than stolen.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
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OMG! I would be so mad too!
My mom lives in Ohio, Bowling green, or portage? something like that, (she used to live in Swanton) is that near you? I hope she keeps her van all locked up, they keep their boat in the garage, so their cars are out in the drive way, I think.
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I remember when my car was taken off the street, I just kept going back to look, thinking I must have mislaid it! It is a horrible, horrible feeling, and I really sympathise. I hope the insurance help out OK.
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I am so sorry that this has happened to you. What goes around comes around and they will get theirs.
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awwww Tina.....I'm so sorry to hear that. That is just not right. Doesn't that just make you so mad?!!! Last Saturday, I discovered that my air compressor was stolen out of my garage. I know that's nothing compared to your vehicle being stolen. The thing about mine that they did it while I was there...because my garage wasn't broken into. I was either in the house or in the back yard working.
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Oh no!
I'm so sorry.
We had an 86 Jimmy and I was told that they are often top cars to be stolen
I hope you find out what happened to it
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I am so sorry about this I hope the police find it. This just happened to my brother a few weeks ago...they found his.
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Oh no I'm sorry! I hope that your insurance company will cover a rental until your car can be covered or replaced.
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My 1991 Crysler Dynasty was stolen in April. I am now told it is a popular car to steal because it has no antitheft system and it is easy to start with a screwdriver.
I felt so violated and scared It was my first car, the car I got from my grandmothers estate and was kinda sentimental.
They found it but unfortunately it would cost 5000.00 to fix it and it was only worth 600.00 so I had to buy a new car.

It is really crappy that it happened so close to christmas, you might consider getting one of those "The Club" for your steering wheel. I was like you I thought Rust was enough of a theft deturrant, but not for joy riders I guess.
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Any word yet from the police? I hope someone didn't take it to strip it and leave it!
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any word yet from the police or insurance company?
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Thanks everyone for your responses and vibes. I have not heard anything back from the police. I have to call today to see about getting the police report for my mom. I had just picked up her prescriptions and I had left them in the glove box to drop off the next morning. She needs it for her insurance company to issue an override for her to get another refill.

I also have to contact the license bureau today. My daughters temp drivers packet was also in the glove box. I need to get a placement packet and her grades from the written test before she can schedule her driving lessons. She just enrolled in driving school and has only had 4 classroom lessons so far. She had to miss last night and might have to miss tomorrow if I don't have a rental car by then.

My insurance does cover theft but I have to wait 48 hours before I can get a rental car and then they only pay up to $15 a day for 10 days. Anything over $15 I have to pay.

The insurance agent recorded my claim/statement late yesterday and he said after he gets the police report he will send me a packet to fill out and then it can be settled as soon as 12 to 15 days if all goes through fine.

My truck was so old I doubt I will get much for it and afer my $250 deductable I would be surprised if I even get $1000.

I want my truck back. She was old and not in the best shape but she was reliable

For those who asked I live in Bedford, Ohio. A small suburb of Cleveland, about 25 miles southeast of Cleveland.

I guess is doesn't matter where you live it can happen to anyone. I am still in shock and break out crying. I still can't believe it.
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Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that your truck makes it back home safely. Year ago, my '77 Ford was stolen; the police recovered it later that day, little over a mile away - the fuel filter had clogged up ( IMO, I had guardian angel looking out for me that night) so the thieves abandoned it. The thieves did some misc. burglarizing, but, miracle of miracles, they overlooked my torn, faded red work jacket (I didn't have a formal job at the time, was doing yard work, babysitting, anything I could drum up) - that jacket had $600 cash, which was my rent money, that had taken weeks to save up. I am hoping that you get such a miracle too! And I know it's mean, but if your theives take your mom's meds Well, I hope they puke themselves into repentance Please keep us posted!
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That is so annoying Why would someone steal an old truck anyway?? That is really unfair because now you will have to get another truck, and the next truck you get will most likely cost more and then you'll have to spend more when your truck was JUST FINE!! That really burns my hide when that happens to people...If my car was stolen I would maybe get $500 for it ..Then I would be out a car, and would have to get a loan for another one..It just isn't fair..I really hope they FIND your truck with no damage, that would be the best thing Sending truck finding vibes{{{}}}
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Why would someone steal an old truck anyway??
I think they stole it to haul something in it. They found my spare tire that was in the back dumped on the next side street.

The weird thing is is that the back window can not be opened without the key. The inside button to pop the window has not worked in years. So they had to put down the back seat, crawl all the way in the back, unbolt the spare from the side of the truck and then haul it out the side door.

No easy task by any means especially in the middle of the night with temps in the 20s. They must of had to get rid of the tire so they could load something (I assume something stolen) in the back of it.

I was hoping I would hear that they found it abandoned somewhere. I guess there is still hope I will hear from the police today. I kow the steering column is most likely ripped but is that is all the damage done I would much rather get it back then have to go through the hassle of getting a new car/truck.

I have horrible credit so I can't get a loan. I had to take a loan out on my 401K just to get that truck and I still owe on that loan until April of 2008
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Originally Posted by AsecretK View Post
I want my truck back. She was old and not in the best shape but she was reliable


I guess is doesn't matter where you live it can happen to anyone. I am still in shock and break out crying. I still can't believe it.
I want her back for you too.

I'm so sorry.
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Checking in to see if you heard anything???
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I'm so sorry to hear that I hope that were just using it to haul something, and it turns up soon. Our 87 chevy was stolen right in front of our house this summer, and MAN what an awful, awful, sick to the stomach feeling you get when some JERK! decides they want your car MANY safe return vibes for your truck{{{}}}
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Checking in to see if you heard anything???

I have not heard anything from the police yet. I called to get the report number so my mom can get a new prescription but the officers did not mark it on the police report so I have to wait until they come back on shift Friday evening to get their messages. They can then amend the report to include them and then I will get a copy and give it to my mom so she can get her meds. She does have some for right now so it no real emergancy. I told her she can also call the doctors office and see if she can get a couple sample packs as well.

So just waiting at this point to see if they find my truck and waiting on the car rental company to contact me about getting a rental car.

The crappy part is that the only person I know that works around me is my ex husband so I called him and he is going to give me a ride and back to work for the next couple days until I can get a rental car.

He picked me up this morming at home and said he would go to work and then I could take his truck to my job since I had an errand to run. He left me with zero gas, so now I have to put gas in his truck. I can't complain to much as he is giving me a ride but it is just so much like him to do that kind of thing. Instead of thinking of me and the hard time I am going though, he thinks of himself and that he can get some free gas money out of me.

I also called the license bureau and it is going to cost another $23.00 to get a replacement packet for my daughter. I told the lady but it was stolen. She said I know but the only thing I can tell you is to file it on your insurance.
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