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Dazzle your friends & neighbors with....

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1. Open top drawer* of dresser. Cat leaps in.
2. Stand in front of dresser and distract your audience with magician's patter ("Abracadabra, pretzels and beer, make this amazing cat disappear", etc.) while cat goes to the rear of the drawer and climbs over the back wall.
3. Display inside of drawer. Cat is no longer there.
4. Close drawer. Say, "Abracadabra, forward and back, make this amazing cat come back"
5. Open the middle drawer. Cat is in middle drawer.
6. Repeat steps 2-4. Cat disappears from middle drawer.
7. Open bottom drawer. Cat steps out! Graciously acknowledge wild cheering and applause.

(Note: Cat may decide to climb behind bottom drawer. In that case, you will have to pull out entire drawer from the dresser and lure him out with a treat.)

* For this trick to work, the back wall of the dresser drawer must be an inch or two shorter than the drawer space.
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Great funny! The cat we had when I was a child, Loppy, used to climb into the drawers we kept under the phone. She'd climb in through the back and sleep in the big bottom drawer. It was funny to hear her trying to get out when we opened a can of tuna, but she always seemed to forget just how hard it was.
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LOL I like that one! I remember once when Milo was a little boy of about 10 weeks and I got dolled up for something, went off, came home a few hours later and called and called Milo. Finally I hear a tiny squeaky meow and trace it to the cupboard under the bathroom sink. Poor boy, he'd been there the whole time. He'd crawled in and fallen asleep on all the nice soft you-know-whats in the back of the cupboard!
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