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opinions on my siggy?

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Are they the right size and everything??? I need peoples honest to goodness truth lol, I just want to see if I am getting the hang of this thing lol...also I still aint that good at getting their pictures out so i went with some simple ones !!! Leave your opinions please.also I still cant do my dogs their ears are too hard so is bella's head any advice?? What is feathering and whats it do???
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I love the first siggy with the blue background! I'm not sure about sizing though-but i'm sure one of our siggy helpers will come along soon and help you out in that department.
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They are great siggies and you are definitely getting the hang of it

They are very oversized as far as file size and need to be resaved in a high compression format (most programmes will have a 'save for web' feature that will allow you to save them smaller). They are perfect sized as far as width and height

Feathering makes the cutout seem more natural by more gently cutting out leaving an almost blurred edge so it doesn't seem so sharp.

This one is feathered

and this one is not

You can see the difference in the outline of the kitty, how it looks more natural when feathered.
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Thank you soo much.... My brother wants one and my mom is too impatient on my request so I figured I got a few days left on my trial I will see what I can do before I go and get the program possibly it is very expensive But with the two of them I am doing great but with adding more than 2 I am kind of not getting it right But I did make another one with 2 different photos for my stormie and bella...and I did make it a little bit smaller and I am using the save web but it keeps confusing me But that is the only way I can load it onto photo shop...but like I said I went 600 to 150 instead !!!! So here is my newest one I hope they dont look bad !!! Opinions are greatly appreciated here and thanx icklemiss21 and I can definetly see the difference and I think I got the hang of it!!! Also thank you StarryEyedTiGeR I was trying to figure out and make a good one for Christmas

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I find in the save for web in photoshop, you need to save at about 60% to get the right file size for TCS (I also use a 0.08 blur in the save for web feature that stops that pixelated look)

I have been making them for ages and the max I like doing is 3-4 kitties, I rarely make one of all of my 4, two just fits a siggy much better
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