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Female fixed, HUGE lump under stitches

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I got my female fixed Monday (a week ago). A few days ago I checked her stitches to make sure they werent infected and they were fine. Now today I looked and saw all along under her stitches is a huge, huge lump. Maybe about the size of my thumb, and it seems pretty hard. I dont know what it is, and I've never had a female so I dont know if this is normal, but it certainly doesnt seem normal. I'm taking her to a vet right away in the morning, but I want to know if theres anything I can do until then. Thanks
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I will send you a hug and a prayer it is nothing serious ... Does she seem in pain ( ie not acting right ??) ... If there is any sign of pain try to get her to ER vet tonight
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Does the lump bulge out as if there's liquid inside, or is it just like a hardish ridge? Lots of times scar areas form ciromas (sp?), and it's basically liquid pooling where the skin was separated from the muscle tissue. Really bad ciromas can be drained with a syringe (just brown looking fluid), but most of the time just reabsorb and can be left alone. If it's like a hard ridge, like as if the wound area is puckering, it's just scar tissue, and after a week or two it'll dry up and fall off like a scab.

If you're really concerned though a vet visit might be best.
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Radar had a couple of small lumps after his hernia surgery, the vet checked and said that they were normal scar tissue under the skin and may slowly disappear in time, but were nothing to worry about.

I would phone your vet to see whether they want you to bring her in for a check just in case, but hopefully it's just the same as with Radar and nothing to worry about.
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Saromas (a collection of fluids around the incision) are pretty common with active animals after surgery. They go away on their own, but it can take several weeks. But if you're concerned, call your vet and see if you can bring her in for the doc to take a peek.
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How is she doing? Check with your vet to make sure but like you've heard many times a hard lump will be along the wound and it is normal if it is dry and hard. I hope all goes well for her
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You may want to call your vet and let him/her know what is happening. It may not be serious, but then again, it might be. Please call your vet.
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Im not an expert, but I speak from experience. Your milage may very.

One of my females had the same thing about 4 days post-op. I was very concerned and rushed her to the vet. Our vet told us the kitten was having a reaction to the stitches and that though it isnt painful or emergent, the stitches needed to be removed. The vet removed the stitches and our kitty needed a course of antibiotics, but she healed well and has no lasting effects.

Though I dont think that its an emergency, I do think you should take her in as soon as possible during your vets regular hours. I wouldnt pay the on-call fee for this situation, but thats just my opinion. You know your cat best. I think if there is no puss and your kitty doesnt seem to bothered by it, that its probably okay to wait until tomorrow.

Good luck!
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Almost every female I have seen spayed had a lump like this show up anywhere from a few days to a week or so after the surgery. If there is discoloration, pus, significant or constant enlarging or significant heat coming from that spot it is most likely an infection, if not then it is most likely nothing to worry about and will go down in a few days.

BUT I am no vet, only you know your kitty. If there is a behavior change also then take her in immediately.
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