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Night training

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Hey, I'm new and haven't quite gotten a chance to thoroughly search the forums for an answer to this question, so just in case, I appologize if this is a frequent post.

I am living with my boyfriend in a 3 bedroom apartment, however we are currently keeping our 10 week old male tabby in just our bedroom so as to not bother the other two roommates. We have only had him for a few days, however we have found a few common personality characteristics. One, he loves to purr alll over us around 5am. We've tried keeping him in the bathroom at night with a bed and his toys to try to make that his night bedroom, however all we find is excessive meowing.

Another problem we've come across is that we are both college students and often are busy typing away on our computers and here comes curious kitty to sit on the keyboard. As adorable as this may be, when it is late at night and you have a paper due it becomes very stressful. We try putting him in the bathroom and even put up a little gate so he can still feel like we are there without having access to the whole room, but still excessive meowing. He doesn't really seem to react to being sprayed with water, we've tried that on a number of occassions.

I don't know if it is just because we are new to this and that we haven't alotted enough time, so I was just wondering if we are doing anything correctly or wrong. Sorry for such the long post, we are pretty desperate and seeking some advice.
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I understand what you are saying although I am not qualified to answer your question but from my own personal experience I feel your pain I have cyber school for my senior year of highschool and all my little stormie does is try to sit on the computer same with Bella even though Bella knows better she is learning it from Stormie I simply would pick stormie up and remove her and now she jumps on the computer less!!!! I also tell her NO and she just looks at me to pet her and well I cant refuse her so i make her get down and I show her a little bit of attention or sometimes I simple have to take a break and play with her to wear her out a little bit !!! But whatever I am doing of these methods are working because she would always be on my labtop and now she barely goes on it at all !
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What you have is a normal playful and curious kitten.
When my 5 rescues were his age, me and my pc were always overrun by the little ones. Now that they're over 6 months old, we are left alone.
It takes lots of patience to take his attention away from your work. One of my kittens preferred being on my lap. So I encouraged it. If she tried climbing on the keyboard, I would immediately put her down and of course with time she realized that touching the computer was removing her lap priviledges. Now, she contentedly stays put while I type away.
With the others, I used the same strategy. Toys to divert their attention or the dependable NO and hiss, the way a cat mommy would scold her kittens.
Hope I helped.
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Make some toys for him (knot a 4' cord at both ends, jiggle along floor under newspaper page, watch the fun!), a flashlite off the walls in a dark room (or a laser pointer if you can get it), etc. and play WITH him - the more the better, as he has tons of energy and nowhere for it to go. The early a.m. waking is not an easy thing to break, however (we still haven't quite figured it out after many cats and many years!), but then a cat or dog does require attention, and can't just be acknowledged once a day like a nice plant :0).
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Allocate a little bit of time late at night to play with your kitten to wear him out, and give him a meal right before you go to bed. If he is tired and has a full stomach he will hopefully sleep longer.

As far as the keyboard problem goes, we used to have this problem with Radar, but I would put him on the floor if he started trying to play while I was using the keyboard. He is now happy to sit on my lap when I'm at the computer (when he's not off doing other things). He occasionally lies down on the mouse or across the edge of the keyboard, when he does this I now move him to my lap instead.

It will get better, you just have a very young and playful kitten at the moment!
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