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Drontal retreat allwormer?

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Hi everyone,

Im new to the site and i'd like to say hi and ask a few questions since im getting worried about my cat. I see a million posts about deworming but i'd like a jump ahead so i can treat her.

Im a first time kitten owner and about a month ago i adopted this precious 4month old kitten from the local Ac&c shelter. She was spayed the following day as a procedure, vaccinated and dewormed too. I took her to the vet for the first time this week for post surgery checkup thing and cause i saw those yucky tapeworm segments fresh and sesameseedfied near her bedding and one on MY BED!. As precaution i saved a few pieces in a vial. Thanks goodness cause the vet i went to(not cheap) didnt believe me and wanted to charge me $39 for a fecal exam. I showed him the segments and he gave her a simple checkup and charged me $35 for physical exam(took about 5 mins) so i presumed to ask as many questions to get my money's worth. I wanted to treat her for all worms since im getting worried that she may have round/hook worms too, she's been getting bloated and she looks really dull(her coat). I know it's not her diet she eats Iams: Kitten dry food once a day 1/2 can wet food plenty of fresh water too. I did my research and i know drontal is good but he only precribed droncit -good for tapeworms. I got a hold of a cheaper vet after a veryyyy long distance away, that would prescribe me the Drontal after $12 checkup but i dont know how many times to retreat after the first treatment. She's about 4lbs that's about 1 tab drontal.. im so lost.. i havent given her the droncit yet since the Drontal has praziquantel too.. what should i do, Give her the drontal and then wait? how long till second treatment/ if at all.?

P.s. her name is Chelsea
thanks for bearing with me .. your help is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to TCS!

Your vet should have told you when to retreat if necessary. I know it says on the back of the package.

Has she had any flea treatment applied to her yet? If not then you could use Revolution and that takes care of round and hook worms. That way you could get by with only using the Droncit and not have to use the Drontal at all.

I'm sure you cna Chelsea are going to do just fine together.
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The story with chelsea is that she was a foster kitten and born at a home to a feral cat. I adopted her the day she was brought back to the kennel. She was at max in the shelter for about 2 days for recoverya fter surgery. that day i took her to the vet, he gave her a "thorough" flea checkup and said she's flea free.

I never got a labeled bottle Just one of those orange pharm bottles with instructions to take one pill. I bought it by the pill, i bought two just in case i put it in her food and she doesnt take. I didnt buy the droncit but have the prescription still. I also forgot to mention to the vet that a few days earlier she had diarrhea and it went back to normal when i took away her wet food.

If i give her the drontal, will i see the roundworms in the stool? i know the tapeworms are absorbed and digested.. this is really creeping me out.. im not good with worms..or my cat in this case.
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Sometimes you will see the remains of the worms in the stool....

Drontal is good stuff ...
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I am treating 2 kitties and do not know when to retreat. We have been working on this for at least 3 months and I am ready to start giving wormer by the week to see if I can get them really cleaned out. Any suggestions? Mine came in a blister pack with no instructions either.

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After she is given her first dose of Drontal, she should have a fecal exam done 4-6 weeks later. At that time they can decide whether or not to retreat her. $39 is pricey for a fecal, we charge $15, but it all depends on the area.

Even though she was "flea free" it takes about 2-3 three weeks for the tapes to "develop" after a flea has been ingested.

Also, tapeworm eggs are rarely found during fecal exams, but I still recommend a recheck fecal in 4-6 weeks to make sure that she is not shedding any eggs from rounds or hooks.

Good luck!
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Every time our kitties needed deworming, the retreatment was after 3 weeks. Most instructions say 2 - 4 weeks, so I guess our vet picks the mid-point.

I don't know about tapeworms - our problem was round worm and lung worm (lung worm is rare in these parts - I don't know about where you are, but it's not something people with cats normally even have to think about up here).
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My vet has me retreat between 10 and 14 days. Normally only need to retreat 1x after 1st dose. Iris took 2 retreats to finally get them all since you have to catch the worms to kill them plus the eggs that hatch.
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