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This has been anything but a boring past few days for me.
Last week someone peed on my bed. I took up all the bedding, cleaned the spot and hoped it wouldn't happen again or that I would at least know who the culprit is if it did.

A few days ago someone peed on the bed again while we were sleeping. Again we didn't know who it was. Got everything all cleaned up and the bed put back together. Crawled into bed that night right into a wet spot! Each time it was a different area.

We have been keeping the bedroom door closed day and night now and I've been trying to figure who may be ill. No one was acting it.

Today Boo was laying on a cushion for a short nap and when she got up and walked away, lo and behold there was a wet spot.
She seems to be suffering loss of bladder control when she is sleeping.

There are otherwise no going out of box problems. I was reading about how the Manx cat sometimes does not have good anal muscles and can't push all their poo out which would cause the little cling-ons she has from time to time and that is mostly it. She did have diarrhea problems early on, first from a bacterial infection and then from food sensitivities, but seems to have pretty much gotten past all that.

I guess I am just wondering if anyone has had to deal with such a problem with their cat. Of all the things I could imagine coming up, this scenario never entered my mind.

I still feel a little guilty not letting the cats in the bedroom at night, but it doesn't really seem to bother them. I can say that Monique rather enjoys it since I've been letting her come in and she appreciates the alone time with mom. (She's not really a cat friendly cat).

In the meantime while trying to determine who might be having problems I discovered Little Bit has tapeworms and Stinker roundworms so they have both been treated for that.

I'll tell ya, with 11 to 13 cats in the house it can occasionally be hard to keep up with everything that's going on with them. All these cats and I just came back in the house a bit ago from trying to capture one of the ferals to bring in for the winter because he would be so much better off inside.

Maybe instead of dealing with cat problems, I should go have my mental faculties checked!