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Am I the only reality tv junkie?

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Do any of you guys ever watch the discovery channel history channel, TLC or A&E? they have such great shows like the medical detectives, and historys mysteries. I'm fasinated by crime shows,exploring unexplained events in history and shows about the paranormal. fox family has a show every friday night called scariest places on earth and last night a family from boston went to scotland to spend one night in Charleville Castle. It's a lot like fear, but only better. last night was INTENSE. they would walk into rooms and chairs would move, and paintings fell off the walls. i also saw a show (historys mysteries) about the amityville horror. that too was fasinating. my boyfriend thinks i'm a nut for liking all this stuff but i'm addicted!

it's just recently in my quest to fill the void left by the mole, temptation island and the first survivor (this was before the 2nd one started) that i discovered all those channels and the great stuff they have.

does anyone else like this stuff?
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oh ya and I've also been watching boot camp on fox but not as religiously as survivor. in fact i missed this weeks show but i do try to catch it every wednesday.
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I love all those channels. Last week I saw the most interesting documentary on the ark of the covenent.

I have also seen some good ones on JFK and World War 2. I love history.
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I really do like all the premium channels like HGTV,Disc,Health etc..but I usually have so much to do, that I miss a lot of them. I usually dont get up here to the computer until 7 or 8 at night. Then we watch tv from 10 to 11 at night. Before I started working again, I was a Food TV junkie. Right now I am so very happy because Direct TV is showing the Journey concert from Las Vegas for free. So I can catch up on the site and listen
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I love medical detectives and life in the ER. Discovery channel rules!
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AP, I watch alot of those channels also!! I absolutely love Court TV, I used to think it was just about boring court cases, till I started watching some of it...and I love it! In the evenings they have Cops on for an hour...which I LOVE and then they will have forensic files, or detective shows, about real crimes that have happened, or documentaries on serial killers....etc. I watch the Discovery channel alot, too!
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The history channel, A&E, Discovery, Animal Planet, Cops, all those I am hooked on. I was watching AP the other day and this lady has llamas in her living room! And her house was immaculate too! Can you imagine two llamas in your living room? LOL
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Sandie- when you watched the food network did you ever watch the iron chef? i LOVE that show! it is so entertaining. everyone should check it out, saturdays at 10 pm. (ok now you all know i have no life)

yesterday i watched a show about women in prison.
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The Iron Chef rules!! Some of the ingredients are quite disgusting (pig bladder, for instance), but it is very entertaining!!
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Do you get the British series - Animal Hospital? It's the best!
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I haven't seen the series Animal Hospital. what is the premise of that? i did just catch the end of a show called castaway on the BBC. it looked intriguing and i want to see an entire episode. does anyone here know anything about it? i get the feeling it's kind of like survivor, but it looked like it was entire families. i could be wrong as i only caught about 3 minutes of it.
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I'll have to check out The Iron Chef....I also love the Food channel! I especially like that guy, I think his name is Emirl, or something like that....my memory is bad....but it's called Emirl live or something...he has a band that plays too. And The Naked Chef is rather interesting, though I have yet to see anyone naked on it...LOL
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Oh heck, we still watch iron chef sometimes. It comes on just when we get into bed. I even taped the one where they came to NY. I LOVE Emril..he is the man. I like cajun food, so I like a lot of his recipes. Theres quite a few on the Food network that are good. I havn't seen the british version of animal hospital yet. I watch Animal planet though. On the weekends, I catch myself watching VH-1 to see all the biographies on the rock stars.
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Well, being a filmmaker, I am also a huge film buff. I love tv, though I don't have a lot of time to watch it. There's all the regular shows like Dark Angel, Ally McBeal, Star Trek:Voyager that I like, but I'm constantly getting stuck on the animal planet or discovery channel. Like yesterday there was a documentary on Tigers and Lions and I was oooohhhing and aawwwwwing at the baby tiger cubs. They didn't even have their eyes open or ears up. They looked like big kittens. I just love baby animals!
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